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rasp something out

to carve or smooth something out with a rasp. You should use this tool to rasp the inside of the bowl out. Use sandpaper to make the inside smoother. Rasp out the inside carefully.
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We noted a statistically significant difference in the mean length of operation, with the RASP longer than OSP (161.
The RASP Program is an exciting new opportunity for us to strengthen our partnership with Riverbed while offering our customers more comprehensive managed and support services solutions," explains Siobhan Byron, vice president of managed services at Forsythe, and president, Forsythe Technology Canada.
Contrast Security recently introduced RASP capabilities in Contrast Enterprise, enabling organizations to use a single product for vulnerability remediation, attack protection, and application security visibility.
The significant decline in RASP Data Security revenues as a result of the impact of the NSA's sunset date for RASP and the time it is taking for the data storage security market to emerge are causing the Company to generate significant losses and use cash in operations.
The accuracy of attack detection and protection will greatly advance if applications stop delegating their entire protection to external devices and adopt RASP.
They can't study the snails' rasps directly because, even though it's rough, the rasp is soft tissue and doesn't readily fossilize.
TM)] Partner of the Year, Platform Partner of the Year, Americas Distributor Partner of the Year, Americas Commercial Partner of the Year, Americas Federal Partner of the Year, LATAM Partner of the Year, EMEA Partner of the Year, EMEA Distributor Partner of the Year, EMEA Emerging Markets Partner of the Year, EMEA Hercules Partner of the Year, Global Partner of the Year, RASP Partner of the Year - Americas, RASP Partner of the Year - EMEA, RASP Partner of the Year - APJ, and RASP Partner of the Year - Global.
Reichel, Rasp and Bret Schyphers were all-tournament selections for Camarillo.
This represents a decrease of 41% largely related to a decrease in the number of RASP systems sold.
NASA scientists confirmed the ROTOZIP-enabled rasp is the first tool in history to successfully cut into the permafrost surface of another planet and acquire a sample for analysis.
Gunther is among the region's top OL recruits, and the 6-foot-5, 215-pound Rasp is ready for a big season.
National Security Agency and pre-approved by the Canadian Communications Security Establishment, Kasten Chase's RASP Data Security(TM) portfolio protects some of the most sensitive information in the world.
Tweezerman, the company known for highly engineered tweezers, has augmented its product line with a callus shaver and rasp like the pros use, as well as a special file for ingrown toe nails and a variety of buffers and ceramic stones to get your feet looking good again, available at Nordstrom and Sally Beauty Supply stores.