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break out in a rash

To experience visible skin irritation. After my husband broke out in a rash, we realized that the bushes he'd been trimming in the backyard were actually poison ivy. I had to go to the emergency room because the medication I'd been prescribed caused me to break out in a rash and have trouble breathing.
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break out in a rash

[for the skin] to erupt with a rash. (See also break out in a cold sweat; break out (with a rash).) I knew Dan had the chicken pox, because he broke out in a rash and had a dry cough. The baby breaks out in a rash all the time.
See also: break, out, rash


n. an injury from contact with the ground, as in motorcycling or biking. Shane picked up a bit of road rash when she fell off her bike.
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One of the rashest things I've ever done was buy perspex wedges with a completely see-through toe piece when clearly my feet weren't up to such naked ambition.
Until that point Neville Chamberlain (who had become a member of Churchill's Coalition) according to Ponting had acted as a break on Churchill's rashest ideas.
And it manages superbly to combine a deep sense of service to the buyer with pounds 38,000 to invest, with rugged big-heartedness and a forgiving nature for the rashest of drivers.
And if you do not love me, there are other men, O rashest of all rash young men.
It should have been a stroll home, but for Kevin Pietersen disappearing in another cloud of red mist as he sparked off a collapse of four wickets for 16 runs in three overs with his rashest shot of the summer.