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all over (one) like a rash

Crowding, covering, or in close proximity to one, often in a seductive or flirtatious way. Janet was all over Richard like a rash for the whole night, but you could tell he wasn't interested. The press were all over me like a bad rash the moment I stepped out of the courtroom.
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break out in a rash

To experience visible skin irritation. After my husband broke out in a rash, we realized that the bushes he'd been trimming in the back yard were actually poison ivy. I had to go to the emergency room because the medication I'd been prescribed caused me to break out in a rash and have trouble breathing.
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road rash

An abrasion on some area of one's skin resulting from falling off of a non-enclosed vehicle (such as a bicycle, motorcycle, skateboard, etc.) and onto the pavement. A: "I just ended up with a bit of road rash on my arm." B: "You're lucky you didn't get killed! Next time, you wear your helmet on that bike, do you hear me?" My motorcycle slipped on some gravel and I went skidding on my back about 100 feet down the road. I got such bad road rash that I had to get a skin graft!
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break out in a rash

[for the skin] to erupt with a rash. (See also break out in a cold sweat; break out (with a rash).) I knew Dan had the chicken pox, because he broke out in a rash and had a dry cough. The baby breaks out in a rash all the time.
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n. an injury from contact with the ground, as in motorcycling or biking. Shane picked up a bit of road rash when she fell off her bike.
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Work already performed in rashes of known etiology supports the approach.
The timeline of the rash has been well characterized and is another tool that you can use to guide management:
Meanwhile, many other plants and plant-based products had been reported to be effective on diaper dermatitis and diaper rash. For instance, a combination of honey, olive oil, and beeswax can reduce the complications of nappy rash.
10 to 13 percent of people who get shingles will experience postherpetic neuralgia (PHN) which causes severe pain after the rash and blisters disappear.
Heat and sweat can cause small red spots known as prickly heat or heat rash. It itches, so you may notice your baby scratching.
ECZEMA The rash: Red, scaly, patches of dry skin, usually on cheeks or in creases of the neck, elbows and knees, but can be anywhere on the body.
The leaves and stems will produce a rash if you come into contact with the plant.
During the drive, anti wheelie squads nabbed 25 accused from different city roads on charge of one-wheeling and rash driving during last one week.
The CDC said that in the event of measles-associated symptoms including fever, rhinitis, conjunctivitis, cough and rash they are asked to immediately start wearing a mask but to "not seek treatment on their own," and instead contact the CDC hotline at 0800-033355 to request medical treatment and help prevent the spread of the disease.
Also, the cold season is known to make their skin dry which can lead to diaper rash, rough cheeks, flaky skin and scalp.
-- Beiersdorf Inc.'s Aquaphor Baby brand has launched new Aquaphor Baby Fast Relief Paste to deliver relief for diaper rash.
Aquaphor Baby unveiled its maximum strength Aquaphor Baby Fast Relief Paste to deliver fast-acting relief for diaper rash without odor or mess.
? Symptoms can include a fever, with cold hands and feet; vomiting drowsiness and difficulty waking up; confusion and irritability; severe muscle pain; pale, blotchy skin and a distinctive rash, although not everyone will have this; a severe headache; stiff neck; sensitivity to light; convulsion or seizures.
Scabies is commonly characterized by the presence of itchy rash but this typical symptom does not necessarily always mean scabies.
Yet it is estimated that up to 50% of infants at some point will suffer from some degree of nappy rash with the peak incidence being in infants between 9-12 months (Baer et al, 2006; Atherton, 2004).