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break out in a rash

To experience visible skin irritation. After my husband broke out in a rash, we realized that the bushes he'd been trimming in the back yard were actually poison ivy. I had to go to the emergency room because the medication I'd been prescribed caused me to break out in a rash and have trouble breathing.
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road rash

An abrasion on some area of one's skin resulting from falling off of a non-enclosed vehicle (such as a bicycle, motorcycle, skateboard, etc.) and onto the pavement. A: "I just ended up with a bit of road rash on my arm." B: "You're lucky you didn't get killed! Next time, you wear your helmet on that bike, do you hear me?" My motorcycle slipped on some gravel and I went skidding on my back about 100 feet down the road. I got such bad road rash that I had to get a skin graft!
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break out in a rash

[for the skin] to erupt with a rash. (See also break out in a cold sweat; break out (with a rash).) I knew Dan had the chicken pox, because he broke out in a rash and had a dry cough. The baby breaks out in a rash all the time.
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n. an injury from contact with the ground, as in motorcycling or biking. Shane picked up a bit of road rash when she fell off her bike.
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John Lang's brief but impressively comprehensive Understanding Ron Rash delivers what its title promises.
The most frequently cited link was between nappy rash and teething, followed by a bout of diarrhoea and then a cold.
Most people (85%) develop a rash when they get urushiol on their skin.
The association between caterpillars and rash became apparent in 2005, when HCHD observed that three child care facilities had reported rash outbreaks during April of successive years.
In addition to interpreting Rash as a regional writer, we should also consider him an important bioregional writer.
In this study, Ulrich Gatzemeier from Hospital Grosshansdorf in Germany and colleagues did a subgroup analysis of patients from the First-Line Erbitux in Lung Cancer (FLEX) study to assess whether the development of an acne-like rash in the first 3 weeks of treatment (first-cycle rash) correlated with clinical outcome.
The Meningitis Trust, which carried out the poll, warned a rash which does not fade under pressure is a key sign of blood poisoning, but does not always appear.
Six people dropped out of the study because of rash.
This causes irritation and results in a red rash developing.
Some physicians have suggested showing pictures of the rash to patients, but Dr.
The rash can be very problematic for patients, said Dr.
After 24 hours, fever and emesis developed; 4 days later, diffuse maculopapular rash and migratory arthritis of the knees, ankles, and finger joints ensued.
With its red bumps, a poison ivy rash can make you miserable.
As SrA Rash approached the aircraft, he also noticed the smoke and confirmed the JFS was not operating.