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But he warned: "While there was a link with the rarer names, there was not with the more popular surname like Smith.
Even rarer, his sister, LaToya, 10, had been diagnosed three years earlier with the same cancer--too late to save her left arm.
164) As a result, real human beings are rarer in this study than they ought, perhaps, to be.
Game drives (organized Land Rover tours accompanied by expert guides) are offered at almost every accommodation and national park, while walking tours are a little rarer - and much more dangerous.
A listening Englishman is rarer than spring flowers in the Bogside,' one of them told Frayling.
Two strategies have traditionally been advocated to address the problems with subjective performance judgements; ratin scale development and rarer training.
Pink Emeralds are approximately 25,000 times rarer than green emeralds, 40,000 times rarer than rubies and sapphires and 125,000 times rarer than diamonds.
The event is generally associated with older people and it is a rarer occurrence that it strikes the younger generation.
HERE we see a sight rarer than an he sight rarer than the Loch Ness monster swimming in the shade of a solar eclipse: it's an unflattering photograph of Rihanna.
The Rarer Cancers Foundation has called on First Minister Carwyn Jones to set aside pounds 3mto giveWelsh patients equal access to the medicines.
MORE than 1,000 patients suffering from rarer forms of cancer may have been denied potentially life-saving drugs, a report revealed today.
BOBBIES on bikes and buses are to become a rarer sight in Kirkburton.
Consequently, if rarer than medium is desired, it's a good idea to insist on some cooking restraint from the kitchen.
Their hips have also expanded proportionately less than their waists, meaning that the hourglass British female physique is rarer, as the top-heavy figure has become the norm.
On sale now at pounds 14,495, just 100 will be available making it rarer than a Chloe Paddington handbag.