rare bird

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a rare bird

A person or thing that is very unusual, especially due to a combination of typically incompatible features. Their latest model is a rare bird indeed, a spacious hatchback that still feels premium and elegant in its design. The film is a rare bird—funny, crass, and yet more emotionally powerful than anything I've seen all year.
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rare bird

an exceptional person or thing; a rarity.
The English expression is a literal translation of the Latin rara avis .
2005 Apollo Magazine Joseph Southall is that rare bird, an Arts and Crafts painter.
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rare bird

n. an unusual person; a person with rare talents or abilities. An interesting kind of rare bird is the man who can take long vacations and still make money.
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rare bird, a

An unusual phenomenon or person. The term is a translation from Juvenal’s Satires (ca. a.d. 120), in which, speaking of chastity, he writes, “Rara avis in terris nigroque simillima cygno” (A bird as rare upon the earth as a black swan). The term was soon being applied to other rare phenomena, often as sarcastically as Juvenal had used it, as, for example, for “an honest lawyer” (John Wesley, Journal, 1764).
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Rare Bird Trading Company, located at World Trade Park in Raleigh, and Rare Bird Trading (Suzhou) Co.
Last month, professional crook Jeffrey Lendrum was convicted of attempting to smuggle rare bird eggs out of the country, the first prosecution of its kind for 20 years.
The planning system doesn't take account of very odd, rare birds that turn up as storm-blown waste.
Saygh further said that a part of the auction must be dedicated for selling only rare bird species.
Long became the founder and CEO of Rare Bird Trading Company in 2011, and in October celebrated the opening of the Suzhou Industrial Park International Commodities Exhibition Center in China, where North Carolina and U.
A STUDENT who stole 299 rare bird skins from the Natural History Museum to fund his studies has been ordered to pay back pounds 125,000.
Brian Egan, from Rare Bird Alert, said: "To put it into non-bird loving terms, this is like Lionel Messi turning up on your local park and having a kickabout - it's that rare.
FIREFIGHTERS rescued a rare bird of prey from a TV aerial on top of a derelict South Liverpool pub.
A BIRDWATCHER who travelled to Norway to see a rare bird returned home to Cornwall and spotted one in her back garden.
A RARE bird is intriguing birdwatchers - and it's small, white and has a liking for cows.
BIRDWATCHERS flocked to Tyneside to catch a glimpse of a rare bird.
BEMUSED police officers were led on a merry dance by a rare bird with a mohican.
Ian Karika of the locally well-known Karika family leads nature walks through the Takitumu Conservation Area on Tuesdays and Thursdays, proudly identifying flora and fauna, explaining traditional use of plants, offering chunks of bush marshmallows (the spongy flesh of a sprouted coconut), and perhaps a glimpse of a rare bird.
Conservation ranger Iolo Lloyd said it was remarkable to see so many specimens of such a rare bird in Clocaenog.
So he comes up with a scheme to report a sighting of a rare bird, and before they know it, the place is crawling with birders, flying in from all over the place to catch a glimpse of the non-existent bird.