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go into raptures

To talk about something happily or excitedly. Ben must be really happy at his new job, as he goes into raptures every time he talks about it.
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be in/go into ˈraptures (about/over somebody/something)

be extremely enthusiastic about somebody/something you like: Each time I mention your name, he goes into raptures about you.
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Five winners will each win nine rolls of Rapture wallpaper.
Of course some of the denizens of Rapture are tougher than others.
Lencioni noted that small-scale reports of favorable experiences with RFA in lung cancer are starting to come in from centers that were not involved in the RAPTURE study.
Are there any misconceptions about the Rapture that you'd like to clear up?
Almost one-fifth of Americans believe in the peculiar end-time belief known as "the rapture," with a fair number of them in top government positions.
They were familiar with the teaching that says the Rapture will be followed by seven years of trials and tribulations, at the end of which Jesus will come to earth once again to lead the forces of good against the forces of evil in the battle known as Armageddon.
But while The Kiss -an account of her love affair with her estranged father -was a shocking memoir which earned her overnight notoriety, Seeking Rapture is a gentler, more forgiving version of her upbringing.
Occasionally we read of Christians stockpiling emergency supplies for the Tribulation, hiding Bibles in caves around the Holy Land to convert the Jews who will be left after the Rapture, and giving money to radical Jewish groups to reconstruct the Temple (and presumably, destroy Islam's Temple Mount, which inconveniently stands in its way).
Punk funk,and The Rapture especially,combines dance beats,punky guitars and screaming vocals.
If you take the Torah seriously but midrashically; if your understanding is informed and enriched by reference to Walter Benjamin, William Blake, Isaiah Berlin, Italo Calvino, Jacques Derrida, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Sigmund Freud, Franz Kafka, Soren Kirkegaard, Rav Kook, Thomas Mann, Stephen Mitchell, Susan Sontag, George Steiner, Wallace Stevens, Ludwig Wittgenstein, et al.; if you savor sentiments like "It is only by taking the real risks of language, by rupturing the autistic safety of silence, that the self can reclaim itself'; then I recommend highly The Particulars of Rapture: Reflections on Exodus, by Avivah Gottlieb Zornberg.
LaHaye noticed that the pilot was wearing a wedding ring and wondered what would happen if the biblical "Rapture" were to occur and the pilot's wife went to Heaven while the pilot was left behind.
A painting called The Rapture, sold by the Bible Believers' Evangelistic Association of Sherman, Texas, and known to millions, shows destruction and chaos occurring as true believers are spirited to heaven--including the crashing of a jetliner into a skyscraper (never mind that the plane is supposed to be pilotless since he or she is Christian and had just been "raptured").
The idea of the Rapture is based on 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17, which is interpreted as the event in which Christ raises all believers who have died and all living Christians will be physically caught up and taken to heaven.
The word "rapture" crops up in poems and reviews of poetry more and more often, and recently, it seems, the sense of the word has changed to connote something separate from its original meaning: to be carried away, if not transformed, is the goal of speakers in work by several contemporary poets: for some of these, rapture signifies an escape from the ordinary and implies an ecstacy derived from a turning from this world; for others it suggests a kind of Dickinsonian marvellousness within the ordinary.
Many Evangelical Christians are planning to be taken up into heaven during the Rapture. That will certainly make my gay life easier.