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go into raptures

To talk about something happily or excitedly. Ben must be really happy at his new job, as he goes into raptures every time he talks about it.
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be in/go into ˈraptures (about/over somebody/something)

be extremely enthusiastic about somebody/something you like: Each time I mention your name, he goes into raptures about you.
See also: go, rapture
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Meade argued the devastating earthquakes and hurricanes could prove rapture is near.
The book specifically examines key words like rapture, caught up, coming and resurrection; phrases like blessed hope, thief in the night and day of the Lord; and passages of Scripture like First Thessalonians, First Corinthians 15 and the book of Revelation with particular attention given to the warning messages of Jesus to the seven assemblies or churches, the Seven Seals of the Scroll, Wrath of God, Wrath of Satan, Wrath of the Lamb and others using only the bible and a concordance.
Many of us are wondering whether the second coming of Jesus Christ is the same as the rapture of the Church.
Ms Corns said: "This area of the city is really up-and-coming and the new retail space has hugely increased our passing trade - and that will enable me to further enhance the Rapture Hair and Beauty brand.
There are moments of rapture within Rashid's reference to freedom in 'khaak ho gai aakhir' ('The gown of the night has been torn/ demolished at last' MH).
Such care and detail make it easy to fall in love with The Rapture all over again.
Coming back to DFA after Universal released them from a four-album contract, The Rapture returns to the label like prodigal sons, having undergone the spiritual bankruptcy of signing to a major, only to come back repentant, with their hearts on their sleeves and a fully-completed album in the can.
The date of the Rapture - alluded to in the First Epistle of Paul to the Thessalonians (4:17) in the Bible - has been falsely predicted by many others over the years.
American evangelical radio pastor Harold Camping had predicted the Rapture - the time when God's chosen people ascend to heaven and the rest of us burn in hell.
Aussie Jon Gall tweeted from Melbourne: "Quiet sort of rapture.
Eternal Earth-Bound Pets USA is one of many growing internet-based services that will take care of your pets "lest the Rapture take you.
Pakistan, May 08 -- It's time once again to travel back to the haunting underwater city of Rapture in Bioshock 2, the sequel to the amazing, smash hit Bioshock.
In the opening scene of the charmingly frenetic philosophical/autobiographical rumination-with-songs "Everyday Rapture," Sherie Rene Scott classifies herself as "one of Broadway's biggest, brightest semistars.
Just as the game's city of Rapture provides a post-modern dystopian setting for BioShock 2's high-tech video game noir, the music of Rapture is the soul of BioShock 2's evocative and mesmerizing world.