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date rape

1. noun Forced sexual intercourse perpetrated against the victim while on a date or other social outing. The reported number of date rapes is horrific, but it pales in comparison to how many go unreported each year.
2. verb To force sexual intercourse upon someone during the course of a date or other social outing. The survey found that many men who date rape are meticulously conscious about how they go about it.
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rape culture

A society whose widespread views and actions (such as victim blaming and dismissive attitudes toward sexual trauma) have the effect of normalizing rape. A rape culture ignores and thus perpetuates the devastating physical and psychological effects of rape.
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date rape

Sexual intercourse forced by the victim's social escort. For example, Date rape is much more common on college campuses than was previously realized. This term originated in the 1980s, when awareness of the phenomenon increased exponentially.
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The charity added that there may well be other individuals who did not access Rape Crisis help at all.
The act is commonly referred to as the 'New Liberian Rape Law.
Out of the 41,150 reported rapes, only 5,190 went to court, and just 2,991 people were convicted meaning that 42% of prosecutions for rape were unsuccessful.
Out of the 1,608 reported rapes, only 204 went to court, and 107 people were convicted - meaning that 41 per cent of prosecutions for rape were unsuccessful.
There are a number of reasons why a reported rape does not continue to conviction.
The panchayat had ordered the rape of a 16-year-old girl as punishment, as her brother had raped a 12-year-old,' said Allah Baksh, a local police official.
Maybe I will even congratulate you for having the balls to rape somebody when you know you are going to die.
olds, 8 year olds, 8 month olds, morning rape, noon rape, night rape,
But it was people's perception that Judy was trying to downplay rape - even though she wasn't - that instigated the hysteria.
And while EastEnders might be chasing ratings with their rape storyline, I welcome anything that lifts the lid on a crime that is cruel, devastating and depressingly all too common.
Several NGOs and independent organizations examined some of the structures, policies, and practices of the Tatmadawnd concluded that many of these contributed to rape by soldiers against women from Burma's ethnic nationalities, in particular, raping women from the Karen, Karenni, Shan, Mon, and Tavoyan nationalities.
He replied that he was doing me a favor by humoring my iffy rape case, and that if I continued to give him attitude he would just drop it.
These tactics include the distinction between "real" rape and unwanted sexual encounters that are considered less morally charged, the assertion that in a world of liberated sexuality women are responsible for the "consequences" of the hyping of false rape claims and the outright disbelief in rape's prevalence, and more.
I am over rape culture, rape mentality, rape pages on Facebook.