rap with

rap with (one)

1. To engage in a conversation or discussion with one. The principal said she wanted to rap with me about my plans for after high school. Come on in, Jared. You're not in trouble or anything, I just want to rap with you for a bit.
2. To perform rap music with one. The famous MC got up on stage with the amateur and rapped with him.
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rap with someone

Sl. to have a chat with someone or a group of people. (Old.) Come in, sit down, and rap with me for a while. Let's get together and rap with one another sometime.
See also: rap
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Bringing structure to the process of using rap with teenagers in a residential treatment center, in chapter 14, music therapist Amy M.
Part 3, Rap with Clients in Specific Clinical Settings, takes the reader to the next logical step; once one is familiar with theoretical foundation and uses in various settings, one is well prepared to explore how rap can be applied, therapeutically, in the cases of particular diagnoses.
Several States are concerned that using RAP with polymer-modified binders could compromise the quality of the binders.
See Rachel Deahl, "Hip-Hop Loses Bad Rap With Publishers," Publishers Weekly (19 December 2005), 10-11.
Melinda Thorne (reported in Cole 1999) successfully conducted a book rap with Year 1 students based on The Wombat Who Wanted to Fly by Moira Cochrane (1992) as part of a larger online curriculum activity.
This is because of the complex interaction of the aged binder in the RAP with the new binder in the asphalt and the aggregate properties of RAP compared to aggregate in the virgin mix.
Rose pays requisite attention to the sometimes surprising connections between outmoded industrial skills (such as electronics repair) and an emergent technology of rap with its cleverly engineered electronic sound systems.
By acting like old people acting young, 2 Live Jews mix the sexiness of rap with down-and-dirty geriatric humor.
Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, another pair of collegiate, Cosby-kid looking rappers, also have helped gain general acceptance for rap with their ubiquitous appearances on cable networks like MTV and Black Entertainment Television.