rap sheet

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rap sheet

A list of a person's criminal history. The suspect had a rap sheet a mile long due to his numerous run-ins with the police.
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(rap) sheet

n. a criminal record listing all recorded criminal charges. (see also rap.) The sergeant asked if there was a sheet on the prisoner.
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A Rap Sheet, or criminal record is the response returned by the FBI.
But thanks to recent legislation, that may change as hundreds of thousands of them apply to wipe the "scarlet letter F" from their rap sheets. The new laws present "the largest record-change opportunity in US history," according to Lenore Anderson, the head of the nonprofit Californians for Safety and Justice.
The alleged protocol breach is poor timing for Ryder ahead of next week's Indian Premier League auction where he should command a healthy contract while Bracewell's disciplinary rap sheet is becoming an embarrassment for his employers and his 18-Test career may be under threat.
How did that potty-mouthed little banshee with the bad extensions and rap sheet turn into the style star she is today?
Instead, days pass and the sad little tale remains All her, the slum lord, the ex with a rap sheet That leads like a trail through desolate woods, The brother who confesses she hitchhiked For kicks, had a gnawing habit and a job Rolling patsies in some dive's attached motel.
As a neurotic writer's paranoia is gradually justified over one very long night in London's East End, this effortfully quirky pic refuses to settle for mere ineptitude, adding casual misogyny and pronounced racism to its rap sheet. Following underperformers like "Paul" and "Burke and Hare," this barely exportable oddity casts further doubt on genial Brit comic Pegg's headliner status.
The detainee entered the crime world when he was 15 and now has a long rap sheet for grand theft auto, disorderly conduct, beatings and robberies.
Burris had a long rap sheet filled with charges such as larceny, forgery and breaking and entering from states across the southeastern US.
Even after 30 years, the Thatcher rap sheet just keeps gr owing.
Furthermore, the mainstream press has its own long rap sheet of inglorious moments, from the Jayson Blair and Stephen Glass scandals to the appalling coverage of Hurricane Katrina--and plenty that predate the new media, from covering up Soviet famine in the 1930s to hyping day care sex-abuse scandals in the 1980s.
Above is the playbill of kids in my group, but it would probably be more accurate to call it their rap sheet, and below is the story of boys learning to be boys.
The finding may expand the rap sheet on cadmium--already fingered in lung cancer and kidney damage--to include reproductive disorders and possibly hormone-related malignancies such as breast cancer.
The report, "The Rap Sheet on Animal Factories," documents convictions at corporate animal factories for animal cruelty, bribery, records destruction, fraud, worker endangerment and pollution violations.
My own father's pedigree--seven kids by four women--looks like the rap sheet for one more deadbeat.
But if she has an excuse rap sheet longer than your guest list, you have a right to feel let down.