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To sell rap to an audience that has no patience with narratives, the material has to be melodious, familiar and moderately profound at its worst.
Sa Russia, sobrang lakas ng rap battle; sa Canada, North America, Europe.
Each rap battle will consist of three rounds, each lasting 90 seconds.
Mainstream rap was still a landscape in which lyrical skill was secondary, for men and women.
One of the potential municipal waste materials that can be used to rejuvenate RAP is waste engine oil (WEO) from cars and trucks.
Several authors have performed laboratory studies of RAP material, focusing on tests of interest to base course construction, including Proctor compaction, CBR, and resilient modulus to assess the suitability of RAP material as a base course material [1-3].
In addition to creating a special rap song for the initiative - 30x30 GEMS anthem - Blaaze performed with over 400 students from GEMS Heritage Indian School and GEMS New Millennium School.
But Adele, who is 28 today, told the crowd: "I have a rap that I couldn't possibly rap for you.
It becomes funnier when he breaks into an impromptu rap, which he has written himself in Hindi, English and Punjabi.
Charis Kubrin, a criminal law professor at the University of California, Irvine, says she's identified more than 100 cases where rap lyrics have been used as evidence in criminal trials [not including plea bargains, sentencings, or other phases of criminal proceedings).
The young Syrian has been listening to rap music since he was 11-years old.
Louie from Hector Bizerk, Darren McGarvey, of Loki, and Dave Hook, from Stanley Odd, worked on a "rap battle" across three schools in Lanarkshire.
The new, improved infrastructure, based in part on the NIH's Center for Scientific Review (CSR), was named the Resource Allocation Program (RAP) and was launched in the fall of 2007.
The two extracts were pooled to be assayed for Rap concentration.