rant and rave

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rant and rave

To complain angrily, forcefully, and at great length (about someone or something). You should spend less time ranting and raving about how unfair your professor is and spend more time actually studying the material. He was quite upset when he came home, so I let him rant and rave for a little while until he calmed down.
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rant and rave (about someone or something)

to shout angrily and wildly about someone or something. Barbara rants and raves when her children don't obey her. Bob rants and raves about anything that displeases him.
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rant and rave

Talk loudly and vehemently, especially in anger, as in There you go again, ranting and raving about the neighbor's car in your driveway. This idiom is a redundancy, since rant and rave mean just about the same thing, but probably survives on account of its alliterative appeal.
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ˌrant and ˈrave

(disapproving) show that you are angry by shouting or complaining loudly for a long time: He stood there for about twenty minutes ranting and raving about the colour of the new paint.
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rant and rave, to

To speak wildly and angrily about some circumstance or issue. This expression was first recorded as rave and rant, or literally, “raived and ranted,” in James MacManus’s The Bend of the Road (1898). The turnaround came soon thereafter and the term always appears in this form today. David Leavitt used it in Family Dancing (1984), “It’s easy for you to just stand there and rant and rave.”
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Tomorrow they will say, 'Donald Trump rants and raves at the press.' I'm not ranting and raving, I'm just telling you, you know, you're dishonest people.
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Some are enraged by the noise, as is Allan Ulrich in Dance Magazine's new feature, which gives voice to "Rants and Raves." And Verbier, a well-established music festival in an idyllic Swiss Alpine setting, is motivated to establish a model partnership, saying, "Move over music, make room for dance too."
Before his enemies, he rants and raves; the next instant, alone, he wipes his mouth with the back of his sleeve and regains a clear phrasing, a reflection of an inflexible logic, a steely determination--that is, until the senses become confused and reason begins to vacillate.
"He is a repository for memories that he can't handle, so he rants and raves in a stream of consciousness," Sundiata says.
Baraka rants and raves on a tattered life raft coughing each word as though it would bounce back to wound him
 He later added, "Tomorrow, the headlines are going to be, 'Donald Trump rants and raves.'I'm not ranting and raving."