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rant about (something)

To speak angrily, forcefully, and at great length about something. I hate going to my friend's house because his husband always rants about politics at me. I stopped paying attention as soon as he started ranting about being more fiscally responsible.
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rant against (someone or something)

To complain angrily, forcefully, and at great length about someone or something. You should spend less time ranting against your professor and spend more time studying the material. I stop paying attention whenever he starts ranting against the government.
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rant and rave

To complain angrily, forcefully, and at great length (about someone or something). You should spend less time ranting and raving about how unfair your professor is and spend more time actually studying the material. He was quite upset when he came home, so I let him rant and rave for a little while until he calmed down.
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rant at (someone or something)

To express in writing or speech a prolonged series of violently angry and resentful complaints or criticisms at or to someone or something, especially when they are or are believed to be responsible. Sarah keeps ranting at me about the state of the apartment, but I told her that I always clean up after myself. I work in IT, so I've always got people from all over the company ranting at me about some technical issue or another. Ranting at the sky will do nothing to solve your problems.
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rant against someone or something

to rave and yell against someone or something. She spent most of the morning ranting against her mother-in-law. Leonard spent the entire morning ranting against the government.
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rant and rave (about someone or something)

to shout angrily and wildly about someone or something. Barbara rants and raves when her children don't obey her. Bob rants and raves about anything that displeases him.
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rant (at someone) about someone or something

to talk in a loud, violent way, about someone or something. Anne ranted about the bad service she had received at the store. On the bus, someone was ranting at me about the end of the world.
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rant at someone or something

to rave and yell at someone or something. Stop ranting at me! The boss would never rant at the office staff.
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rant and rave

Talk loudly and vehemently, especially in anger, as in There you go again, ranting and raving about the neighbor's car in your driveway. This idiom is a redundancy, since rant and rave mean just about the same thing, but probably survives on account of its alliterative appeal.
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ˌrant and ˈrave

(disapproving) show that you are angry by shouting or complaining loudly for a long time: He stood there for about twenty minutes ranting and raving about the colour of the new paint.
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rant and rave, to

To speak wildly and angrily about some circumstance or issue. This expression was first recorded as rave and rant, or literally, “raived and ranted,” in James MacManus’s The Bend of the Road (1898). The turnaround came soon thereafter and the term always appears in this form today. David Leavitt used it in Family Dancing (1984), “It’s easy for you to just stand there and rant and rave.”
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KATIE Price reminds me of a dog with a bone She is still so obsessed with the women who cruelly betrayed her by sleeping with her husband that she rants away on Twitter, using foul language - while constantly teasing her "fans" by revealing all the gory details to them.
How people feel after reading and writing rants and the effects of this behavior is explored in an article in Cyber psychology, Behavior, and Social Networking, a peer-reviewed journal from Mary Ann Liebert.
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at least we'll have jobs at the end of it!" A BA spokeman said that after a probe into rants posted on the social network site in June "an employee has been dismissed for gross misconduct".