rant about

rant (at someone) about someone or something

to talk in a loud, violent way, about someone or something. Anne ranted about the bad service she had received at the store. On the bus, someone was ranting at me about the end of the world.
See also: rant
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A fringe element of the independence movement sparked revulsion with a vile Facebook rant about freelance journalist Aidan Kerr.
Justin Timberlake replied to Kanye West's rant about not liking his hit song "Suit & Tie" while on (http://www.
Summary: During an appearance on the Conan show, Will Ferrell had an emotional rant about the recent Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson cheating drama.
The normally effortlessly polite and calmly spoken Robinson launched an after match rant about 'embarrassing' decisions by the referee that had robbed his League I side of victory over their Premier League rivals.
AN Irish man at the centre of a foul-mouthed rant about the Irish economy which has had 1.
C4 NEWS' Alex Thomson should be ashamed of himself for his rant about the McCanns, saying they are milking the media and criticising them for not being there when little Madeleine was snatched.
To your rant about PETA's exhibit to draw attention to the parallel's between man's treatment of animals and other human beings, I must take exception.
Following in his dad's footsteps, Gordon attacked church-state separation on the air February 3, 2006, during a rant about pulpit-based politicking, telling viewers, "It's incredible the brainwashing that's happened in America today.
There's some great stuff in there: a road trip back east some ranting and raving about Bush and public funding for arts, some random art, a rant about veganism and some New Mexico coverage.
Mrs Bacon contributed her analysis of evidence collected from a number of sources, and clarified the concerns of Rant about particular compounds and their potential im-pact on public health.
Special debut content includes exclusive interviews with the Stone Temple Pilots, Henry Rollins, Ben Harper, Save Ferris, Duncan Sheik, Beth Hart, Moby and the up-and-coming DJ piLL, as well as an opinionated rant about Marilyn Manson, a lyrics contest and a beginner's guide to broadcasting.
The offensive comments came in a Facebook rant about same-sex marriage, when he described the Scottish Government's decision to press on with legislation as a "tragic day".
HIS foul-mouthed rant about the death of the Celtic Tiger made him an instant internet hit.
It's a good read, although one thing caught my eye: In the rant about the war with Iraq the author said that it was going to cost the US $200 million.
Fergie's rant about the "typical Germans" was hilarious and I'd now love to see him on a revamped version of Stars In Their Eyes.