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Ulysses was furious when he saw Leucus slain, and strode in full armour through the front ranks till he was quite close; then he glared round about him and took aim, and the Trojans fell back as he did so.
He placed his knights with their chariots and horses in the front rank, while the foot-soldiers, brave men and many, whom he could trust, were in the rear.
Why do that pair of flaunting girls, with the pert, affected laugh and the sly leer at the by-standers, intrude themselves into the same rank with yonder decorous matron, and that somewhat prudish maiden?
Here the effect of circumstance and accident is done away, and a man finds his rank according to the spirit of his crime, in whatever shape it may have been developed.
And with those whose impulses have guided them to benevolent actions, we will rank others to whom Providence has assigned a different tendency and different powers.
Authors shall be ranked here whom some freak of Nature, making game of her poor children, had imbued with the confidence of genius and strong desire of fame, but has favored with no corresponding power; and others, whose lofty gifts were unaccompanied with the faculty of expression, or any of that earthly machinery by which ethereal endowments must be manifested to mankind.
There too, as his ultimate destiny, must we rank the dreamer, who, all his life long, has cherished the idea that he was peculiarly apt for something, but never could determine what it was; and there the most unfortunate of men, whose purpose it has been to enjoy life's pleasures, but to avoid a manful struggle with its toil and sorrow.
The tumult was presently increased by the advance of the second rank on either side, which, acting as a reserve, now rushed on to aid their companions.
We ought only to look for a few links, some more closely, some more distantly related to each other; and these links, let them be ever so close, if found in different stages of the same formation, would, by most palaeontologists, be ranked as distinct species.
ENPNewswire-August 20, 2019--UNIVERSITY OF MUNSTER RANKS AMONG THE TOP TEN UNIVERSITIES IN GERMANY; Shanghai University released the 2019 'Academic Ranking of World Universities'
com, the Philippines was able to notch the biggest move by ranks among all participating teams in the women's game.
Taipei best attribute among the three factors is cost of living, in which the city ranks fourth in the region.
Rixos Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt took the 8th spot in the coveted 'Top 25 All Inclusive Resorts in the World' listing, and Rixos Premium Seagate and Rixos Sharm el Sheikh won in the 'Top 25 Hotels in Egypt' category taking 1st and 3rd ranks. All three Rixos Kazakhstan properties- Rixos Khadisha Shymkent, Rixos President Astana, and Rixos Almaty dominated the 'Top 10 Hotels in Kazakhstan' and 'Top 10 Hotels for Service in Kazakhstan' categories.
It also ranks 302 among all 719 participating universities of the world as per latest UI Green Metric World Universities ranking 2018.