rank as

rank someone or something as something

to assign a particular rank to someone or something. I have to rank Sally as number one. She's the best. Mary ranked the chocolate as the best she had ever eaten.
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rank as something

to have a particular rank; to serve in a particular rank. She ranks as a fine pianist in my book. Don ranks as the top economist of the day.
See also: rank
References in classic literature ?
Moreover, as Gartner during several years repeatedly crossed the primrose and cowslip, which we have such good reason to believe to be varieties, and only once or twice succeeded in getting fertile seed; as he found the common red and blue pimpernels (Anagallis arvensis and coerulea), which the best botanists rank as varieties, absolutely sterile together; and as he came to the same conclusion in several other analogous cases; it seems to me that we may well be permitted to doubt whether many other species are really so sterile, when intercrossed, as Gartner believes.
His parentage gave him claims to these special favors; he was by birth entitled to rank as a gentleman.