rank above

rank above (someone or something)

1. To have a higher rank or position than someone in a business, government, or military hierarchy. Well, I technically rank above Sarah, but we operate more like equals in the office. He ranks above you, so you'd better do what he says.
2. To be considered more valuable, significant, or important than another person, thing, or group of people or things. I believe preserving the wellbeing of our fellow citizens ranks above trying to maximize the profits of corporations. Although he is largely written off by music aficionados, he still ranks above nearly every other singer on the billboards every time he releases a new album.
3. To consider someone or something to be more valuable, significant, or important than another person, thing, or group of people or things. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "rank" and "above." I wouldn't rank it above her other work, but it's still a very well-written piece of literature. We rank Sarah above any other lawyers in the city, so we have full confidence in her ability to handle this case on her own.
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rank above someone

to outrank someone; to rank higher than someone. I think that I rank above you, so I will sit by the window. The boss ranks above everyone and demands that everyone recognize the fact.
See also: above, rank
References in classic literature ?
On all four sides of the court the seated multitudes rose rank above rank, forming sloping terraces that were rich with color.
And when persons who are unworthy of education approach philosophy and make an alliance with her who is a rank above them what sort of ideas and opinions are likely to be generated?
It is hard to make a choice of the most beautiful passage in a book which is so gemmed with beautiful passages as the Bible; but it is certain that not many things within its lids may take rank above the exquisite story of Joseph.
What is it in the very poor unemployed (or the never-worked-at-alls) that prevents their grasping the notion that the rights of the unborn must rank above parental rights to start families?
In October, Iran increased its reserves to 150 billion barrels within a week of an upward revision by Iraq, ensuring that Tehran continued to rank above Baghdad.
It was the only vendor to rank above average in all categories.
Iceland, Finland, and Denmark also rank above the U.
Victoria Smurfit, above, stars as DCI Roisin Connor who's now risen in rank above her former boss DCS Mike Walker.
She joined the Maryinsky as a coryphee in 1899, one rank above corps de ballet.
It is interesting to see that up-front incentives such as abatements or credits rank above concerns about actual tax rates.
They manifested the perception that the rights and traditions of the English "popular constitution" were steadily eroding in a new socio-economic world which placed property rights and social rank above the old order.
Other small institutions like Alberta Treasury Branches and trust companies also rank above average.