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in range

nautical Positioned one behind the other. The ships are in range now, Captain. How shall we proceed?
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at close range

In close proximity to a person or thing. Typically used to describe a nearby target in shooting. Be careful when firing at close range! At close range, I could see that the scary insect was just a harmless June bug.
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at point-blank range

In close proximity to a person or thing. Typically used to describe a nearby target in shooting. Be careful when firing at point-blank range!
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bring (something) within a/the range

To adjust or improve something so that it meets a certain requirement or expectation. An adjective is often used before "range." You need to bring your students' standardized test scores within the acceptable range for their grade level.
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bring (something) within range

To cause something to move within the distance that one's gunfire can reach. Once our calls brought several turkeys within range, we readied our guns.
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at close range

very near; in close proximity. (Usually used in regard to shooting.) The hunter fired at the deer at close range. The powder burns tell us that the gun was fired at close range.
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bring someone or something within range (of someone or something)

to cause someone or something to be in someone's or something's [gun] sights. Don't bring the hunters within range of the farmer's gun sights. The bait brought the geese within range of Jeff and his friends.
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bring something within a range

to adjust something into a particular range; to adjust a parameter. Let's try to bring your cholesterol within the normal range with diet. It was brought within the normal range by an expensive drug.
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come within range

(of something) Go to within range (of something).
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move within range

(of something) Go to within range (of something).
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range (from something to something)

to vary from one thing to another. The winter weather ranges from bad to terrible in this part of the north. The appraisals of the property ranged from high to low.

range over something

to cover an area; to travel about in one area. The buffalo ranged over vast areas of prairie, grazing and breeding. These animals range over a very large territory.
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*within range (of something)

inside an area that can be covered by something, such as a gun, camera lens, measuring device, etc. (*Typically: be ~; come ~; get ~; move ~.) The sick elephant was within range, so we shot it with tranquilizer darts so we could treat it. When the ducks were within range of my gun, I sneezed and frightened them away. You won't be able to hear what they are saying until you get within range of the P.A. system.
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at close range

Very nearby, as in At close range, the rock band was unbearably loud. Derived from shooting- range denotes the distance that missile or projectile can be made to travel-this expression soon came to mean anything in close proximity.
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in/within ˈrange (of something)

near enough to be reached, seen or heard: He shouted angrily at anyone within range.
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out of ˈrange (of something)

too far away to be reached, seen or heard: The cat stayed well out of range of the children.
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Range 50 Gels ultrasound for the Central Laboratory of ultrasound
As part of a Defense Department-wide initiative, Edwards' Environmental Management officials are looking for unexploded bombs and shells and chemical residue in areas that might have been used as target ranges but are now serving other functions.
Before the 2002 lawsuit even arose, the DOD had proposed new legislation called the Readiness and Range Preservation Initiative (RRPI) to prevent just such lawsuits attempting to use hazardous waste laws to limit training.
The Range Rover's Electronic Air Suspension system is raising us to Off-road Profile, an extra 1.
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The highlighted range, SB$2:$D$6, contains the sales figures for each region for each month.
The traditional DMA/DMTA test systems are the second choice, but they lack the range of force and displacement needed to characterize non-linear elastomers such as those used in modern pneumatic tire applications and vibration isolation devices.
Across a wide range of distinctive external furniture products, EXTREMIS seeks above all else to promote sustainability through production, and social interaction through use.
Navy and the Japanese Self Defense Forces use the Ripsaw Range to train crews of F-16, C-130, F/A 18, P-3, F-1, F-2, F-4 aircraft in electronic warfare evasion tactics, bombing and gunnery skills.
The known range of CWD was extended by its detection in Wisconsin, which is the first report of the disease east of the Mississippi River.
It was in June 1970 that the original Range Rover first saw the light of public day.
There is currently no consistency among these phaseouts in either the measure of income, the range of income over which the phase-outs apply or the method of applying the phaseouts.
For the year through June, M2 increased at a rate near the upper bound of its range for the year.
The latest blow to the textbook account comes from an analysis of fossil leaves in Nevada's Basin and Range geologic province, which separates the Sierra Nevada from the Rocky Mountains and the Colorado Plateau.