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bet the ranch

To risk everything on a venture that one thinks will be successful. Primarily heard in US. I wouldn't bet the ranch on that wacky invention. He's broke now because he bet the ranch on a failed business venture.
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bet the ranch

If you bet the ranch, you take a big risk in doing something, sometimes spending all your money to do it. I wasn't going to bet the ranch on the stocks. It was a brave policy pushed through despite warnings that it would be a disaster. He bet the ranch and he won.
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meanwhile, back at the ranch

People say meanwhile, back at the ranch when they want to talk about something that is happening in another place, especially their home or place of work. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Condon was trying to write an article. Note: This expression comes from Western movies, in which the action regularly moves from a ranch (= large farm with animals) to some other place.
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bet the ˈfarm/ˈranch

(American English) risk everything that you have on something: It might succeed but don’t bet the farm on it.It’s a bet-the-farm situation.
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raisin ranch

n. a retirement community; an old folks home. (Refers to wrinkles.) You won’t get me into one of those raisin ranches. I like my independence.
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1. n. semen. (Alludes to Ranch [salad] dressing. Objectionable if understood.) God! There’s ranch on the bathroom floor!
2. in. to ejaculate. (Objectionable if understood.) Just looking at her makes me want to ranch.
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The board and the district made a commitment with Castaic families and the agreement was, beginning in the 2007-08 school year, all Castaic students would go to West Ranch," Mercado Fortine said.
Most of the land is still raw, but to keep the ranch in family hands and away from developers, he added a modest resort that offers cabins, horseback riding, nature hikes, rock climbing and fishing.
Thus, Q's material participation should be determined by reference to the person who conducted the business of the ranch on Q's behalf, including G.
The new Ranch building is just one of the ways that Sun is demonstrating its commitment to developing advanced versions of the UltraSPARC processor product.
As part of the deal, they assumed they had the customary communal right to graze their herds, hunt, and cut wood in the ejido, the nearby hills and mountains of the Rio Culebra watershed - an area that their descendants would argue included the future Taylor Ranch.
Today's historic decision by Tejon Ranch to eliminate lead from its hunting program is a major step forward in our efforts to recover this magnificent bird.
Here's Hess' checklist from his book of characteristics with which the ranch is usually identified.
At the Cocomex ranch, there are now more farmed crocodiles in a 10-hectare area than there are wild moreletii scattered along the Gulf of Mexico and in the Caribbean combined.
Easily accessible by car and air (via the nearby Monterey airport) and designed with the preservation of the local surroundings uppermost in mind, Post Ranch Inn met with rare unanimous approval by the Monterey County Planning Commission.
Ranch cabins will provide overnight lodging for members and guests, and a 12,000-square-foot clubhouse will feature locker facilities and member-only dining.
Rydberg was among dozens of Valley residents scooping up the tree-ripened Valencia oranges and white grapefruit by the bag- or boxful at the ranch, developed in 1921 as a vacation home for oil tycoon William Orcutt and his wife, Mary.
The five-day event, slated for late April, is the latest in a roster of environmental projects at Estrada's ranch on the llanos, Venezuela's vast plains where cattle graze, families discuss the latest kidnappings around the dinner table and feuds may be settled by gunfire.
At Canyon Ranch Health & Fitness Resort in Tucson and Canyon Ranch in the Berkshires, located in Lenox, Mass.
Canyon Ranch Institute president and 17th Surgeon General of the United States (2002-2006) Richard H.
STEVENSON RANCH - Hoping to balance a growing student population inside its classrooms, Newhall's school board voted Tuesday to freeze enrollment in some grades and to limit large incoming kindergarten classes - again.