run like clockwork

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run like clockwork

1. To proceed, progress, or operate smoothly, predictably, and according to plan. Everything is running like clockwork, so we should be ready to start construction by the end of the month. The conference ran like clockwork from beginning to end.
2. To operate, manage, control, or direct something in a very smooth, efficient, reliable manner. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "run" and "like clockwork." The new manager they hired has been running this branch like clockwork. I intend to run this festival like clockwork, so I'm trying to plan for any and all eventualities.
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run like clockwork

to run very well; to progress very well. I want this office to run like clockworkwith everything on time and everything done right. The plans for the party were made and we knew that we could depend on Alice to make sure that everything ran like clockwork.
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go/run like ˈclockwork

(of arrangements, etc.) happen according to plan, without any difficulty or trouble: The sports day went like clockwork, with every race starting and finishing on time.
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run like clockwork, to

To operate with extreme regularity. The transfer from a clock mechanism to other areas dates from the late seventeenth century. “The king’s last years passed as regularly as clockwork,” wrote Hugh Walpole (Reminiscences, 1789).
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