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Small and medium size enterprises, many in the Midlands, have had their presence curtailed at trade shows overseas because the budget for the Tradeshow Access Programme ran dry, Alan Duncan, shadow business and enterprise secretary, said yesterday.
Last year its Finest Lager proved such a hit with delegates that supplies ran dry, so next week it is sending twice as much of its 2008 Culture Beer.
Disaster struck recently when the bountiful supply ran dry.
A spectacular North East water feature has been turned off because it ran dry.
Fernandez, Moison and Tomlinson are accused of using the water company's money to form their own firm, which was then hired by the mutual water company to deliver water to the Sierra Colony Estates when the local well ran dry.
As for money buying success, look what happened to Blackburn, Leeds and to a lesser extent, Newcastle, when the kitty ran dry.