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(as) stiff as a ramrod

Very straight, rigid, or inflexible. Used to describe someone's physical posture or demeanor. The whole class sat in their chairs as stiff as ramrods during the principal's lecture. He stood as stiff as a ramrod after his name was called, too nervous to move.
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(as) straight as a ramrod

Having a very erect posture, typically accompanied by a serious or formal demeanor. He sat as straight as a ramrod at the table, glowering at me throughout the meal. She's always straight as a ramrod during class, studiously taking notes.
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be as stiff as a ramrod

To have very erect posture. I've never seen Olivia slouch—she's always as stiff as a ramrod.
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ramrod straight

Having a very erect posture, typically accompanied by a serious or formal demeanor. He sat ramrod straight at the table, glowering at me throughout the meal. She's always ramrod straight during class, studiously taking notes.
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ˌramrod ˈstraight


(as) ˌstraight as a ˈramrod

(of a person) with a very straight back and looking serious and formal: As she walked in she could feel the tension in the room, with her mother sitting ramrod straight in her chair.
A ramrod is a long straight piece of iron used in the past to push explosive into a gun.
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tv. to lead something; to act as the driving force behind something. Who is going to ramrod this project?
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After attaching the jag end to the ramrod, place a clean patch that's been soaked with high-quality solvent on the jag and insert the rod in the bore.
I then start an over-powder wad into that barrel, but I leave it where I can see it rather than pushing it home with the ramrod. Next I pour a powder charge into the other barrel, insert an over-powder wad and ram it--as well as the over-powder wad in the other barrel--all the way home.
The Huntsman is equipped with a 24-inch barrel, ramp front and adjustable rear fiber-optic Fire Sights, a telescoping brass ramrod with hardwood handle and an antique color case-hardened frame and a walnut-finished hardwood stock.
Instead, drop your ramrod down the empty barrel and mark the rod at the gun muzzle (I scribe it with my knife).
The highest-grade pistols -- stocked to the muzzle in curly red Maplewood with a violin red finish -- used sterling silver for the trigger guard, butt cap, ramrod thimble and nose cap.
He stood absolutely still, his back ramrod straight, his hands clasped in front of him carrying his raincoat, and said not a word.
A photo in the December issue in "Big-Game Tags" shows a hunter using the palm of his hand to push the ramrod down to seat a bullet in a muzzleloader.
Like many earlier carbines, it was fitted with a captive ramrod that was permanently attached to the gun at the muzzle so it could be more efficiently loaded on horseback.
Staying with the outside of this front loader, the black synthetic ramrod is just what it should be -- straight and essentially unbreakable.
On that selfsame ramrod, mark it clearly when you select your optimum working load and have inserted a fresh dose into a clean barrel.
Swiss tough guy Gross controls the touchline next to the dugout like a border guard, ramrod straight and his hands clasped firmly behind his back.
Don't thumb the bullet or place your hand over it or the end of the ramrod while they are on/in the muzzle/barrel.
Other important features are the checkered synthetic stock, rubber recoil pad, a field breech plug/nipple wrench, synthetic ramrod and a lifetime warranty.
"He'd pretend to be having a lie down, then creep up behind an unsuspecting youngster and ramrod them behind the knees.
My Tower rifle is a two-bander and arrived missing the ramrod and the sling swivels.