rally to

rally to (someone or something)

1. To unite or join with someone or something to lend support or assistance. The local community has rallied to the family after it emerged that they were unable to pay their son's medical expenses. It has been extraordinary seeing people rally to the movement with such enthusiasm.
2. To cause, compel, or incite someone to unite or join with someone or something else to lend support or assistance. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "rally" and "to." We've been canvassing neighborhoods around the county in an effort to rally people to our cause. A group of fans has been trying to rally people to the actor following the scandalous allegations against him.
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rally to someone or something

to unite in support of someone or something. The students rallied to Betty, their elected president. We all rallied to the cause.
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Tissa Attanayake have deliberately fixed the rally to be held at 10.00 in the morning and in the hill country Bandarawela to ensure the non-attendance of Sajith Premadasa and his supporters for the rally.
The open Rally platform is said to deliver three key capabilities: open web service APIs and mashup and integration toolkits enable programmers to extend Rally to meet their company's work styles and reporting needs; the ability to embed outside applications into Rally, and allow Rally screens to appear in other applications provides information on project status, progress and quality to every team member; and Rally's community in Agile Commons gives users access to a catalogue of integrations and mashups.
After making his name on much shorter rallies, McRae expects the Dakar Rally to be a new challenge but is confident he can make his mark, likening the event to the now defunct Safari Rally which pitted WRC stars against the Kenyan sand.
The event press officer John Horton believes bringing the rally to Wales last year has helped boost its popularity and success.
But unlike PK, which had struggled until its Washington rally to achieve significant tumour from people of color, the Modesto convergence has reportedly succeeded in reaching beyond white evangelical Protestants to bring in large numbers of Latinos and blacks as well as Catholics of all backgrounds.
McCartney used the Mall rally to announce plans for the group's next high-profile events.
The trader representatives had sought directions for shifting the rally to Nasir Bagh as the government had imposed a ban on rallies at The Mall after framing a policy, in compliance with orders of the court.
Alyn Edwards, of the North Wales Car Club who is also part of the Wales Rally GB organising team, said: "Bringing the rally to North Wales proved a huge success.
Edwin Poots urged spectators attending the rally to adhere to the DOE's Road Safety Message - Keep the Race in its Place.
The PSO, in continuation of its support for motor sports in the country had sponsored Pakistan Motor Rally to commemorate 70 years of the country's Independence.
In Larkana, the District Education Department organised a rally to create awareness among the people about the importance of education.