rally to

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rally to someone or something

to unite in support of someone or something. The students rallied to Betty, their elected president. We all rallied to the cause.
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Approval of a $50,000 flexible rebate business incentive by Boulder's city manager allowed Rally to make several innovative and environmentally friendly decisions about its new headquarters.
McCartney used the Mall rally to announce plans for the group's next high-profile events.
With their son Matt, 13, sandwiched between them, Bess and Randy Silverston of Granada Hills huddle together against the damp chill Sunday at a rally to raise funds for the North Valley Jewish Community Center.
Rally to Save Ahmanson Ranch, a broad-based community organization, is demanding that Ventura County conduct a new environmental impact study to replace a study that was based on outdated, 22-year-old traffic information.
Sheen, serving as spokesperson for Rally to Save Ahmanson Ranch, reminds radio listeners that traffic in Southern California is already intolerable, but points out that "it's only going to get worse, thanks to Washington Mutual Bank.
Sheen concludes with a call for residents of both counties that will be affected by Washington Mutual's plans to join Rally to Save Ahmanson Ranch in the fight to stop the project.
The ads come on the heels of major public victories for Rally to Save Ahmanson Ranch, and signal a new phase in the campaign.
Sheen volunteered to assist Rally to Save Ahmanson Ranch when he learned about Washington Mutual's disastrous development scheme, even taking the dramatic step of closing his accounts from Washington Mutual in September.
Real-time 3D graphics based on telemetry data will enable the very essence of rally to be conveyed in a way which will open up the sport for millions.
Organizers urged each person at the rally to make a difference in small ways: reading aloud to a child, volunteering at a school or just befriending the lonely kid next door.
Committee members communicated news about the march and rally to film workers throughout the industry by trade and consumer media advertising along with grass-roots techniques including flyers and chain phone calls, which were techniques used to stage highly successful FTAC rallies in Burbank and Sacramento earlier this year.
Rally's new Enterprise Integration Framework enables our development teams to use the right tools for the job, while leveraging Rally to provide visibility into our entire software lifecycle," said Judith Mills, VP of product engineering operations at CDC Software.
These services let customers take advantage of Rally's extensive expertise in creating custom functionality that tunes and extends Rally to meet specific visibility, reporting or collaboration needs.
New integrations and dashboards enable Rally to deliver on its vision to serve as an Enterprise 2.