rally to

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rally to (someone or something)

1. To unite or join with someone or something to lend support or assistance. The local community has rallied to the family after it emerged that they were unable to pay their son's medical expenses. It has been extraordinary seeing people rally to the movement with such enthusiasm.
2. To cause, compel, or incite someone to unite or join with someone or something else to lend support or assistance. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "rally" and "to." We've been canvassing neighborhoods around the county in an effort to rally people to our cause. A group of fans has been trying to rally people to the actor following the scandalous allegations against him.
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rally to someone or something

to unite in support of someone or something. The students rallied to Betty, their elected president. We all rallied to the cause.
See also: rally
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McCartney used the Mall rally to announce plans for the group's next high-profile events.
With their son Matt, 13, sandwiched between them, Bess and Randy Silverston of Granada Hills huddle together against the damp chill Sunday at a rally to raise funds for the North Valley Jewish Community Center.
Michael Wells, has been summoned by Rally's agent, played by Patricia Paige, to convince Rally to take the role and to assist him in the part.
Bayan Lewis, acting chief of the Los Angeles Police Department, said it will take more than a one-day rally to teach youngsters about alternatives to gangs.
Organizers urged each person at the rally to make a difference in small ways: reading aloud to a child, volunteering at a school or just befriending the lonely kid next door.