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rally to (someone or something)

1. To unite or join with someone or something to lend support or assistance. The local community has rallied to the family after it emerged that they were unable to pay their son's medical expenses. It has been extraordinary seeing people rally to the movement with such enthusiasm.
2. To cause, compel, or incite someone to unite or join with someone or something else to lend support or assistance. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "rally" and "to." We've been canvassing neighborhoods around the county in an effort to rally people to our cause. A group of fans has been trying to rally people to the actor following the scandalous allegations against him.
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rally around

To unite or join with someone or something to lend support or assistance. The local community has rallied around the family after it emerged that they were unable to pay their son's medical expenses. Our campaign will only be successful if enough people rally around and help spread and support our cause.
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rally around someone or something

Fig. to unite or assemble in support of someone or something. All the other workers rallied around Fred in his fight with management. They rallied around the principle that Fred stood for.
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rally to someone or something

to unite in support of someone or something. The students rallied to Betty, their elected president. We all rallied to the cause.
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pep someone up

Invigorate someone or cheer someone up, as in This drink will pep you up, or The good news about his recovery pepped us up. [1920s] Both the verb pep and the noun pep, denoting vigor and energy since about 1910, are abbreviations for pepper, a spice with a pungent, biting quality. They also have given rise to pep rally, a meeting to inspire enthusiasm [c. 1940], and pep talk, a speech meant to instill enthusiasm or bolster morale [1920s].
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rally around

Join in a common effort, as in When Mom broke her leg the entire family rallied around to help. This idiom gained currency with George F. Root's famous Civil War song, "The Battle Cry of Freedom," which urges troops to rally round the flag that goes with them into battle. [Early 1800s]
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1. n. get-together of some kind; a party, usually informal, possibly spontaneous. There’s a rally over at Tom’s tonight.
2. in. to hold a get-together of some kind; to party. (Collegiate.) Let’s rally tonight about midnight.

rally 'round the flag

Support a candidate, cause, or country. The phrase was ascribed to General Andrew Jackson at the battle of New Orleans but soon came to be used in American politics for supporting a campaign. It entered the vocabulary once and for all with George F. Root’s Civil War song “The Battle Cry of Freedom”: “Rally ’round the flag, boys, Rally once again, Shouting the battle-cry of freedom.”
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A big rally was led by commissioner of Mirpurkhas and DC.
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'In the northern areas of Pakistan at an altitude of around 1000 feet, the dunes located in Sarfaranga village give a thrilling rally experience', he said.
Once the rally had reached National Press Club, few supporters of PPP also joined the crowd.
Singh claimed that Modi spent Rs12.7 million over the rally on his nomination day on April 26.
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Speaking after the win, Tauqi said, 'I am very happy to win the Qatar National Rally. I have to thank my navigator Issa [al Wardi] for his contribution.
Al-Rajhi scored his first World Rally Championship (WRC) points with an eighth-place finish on the 2012 Acropolis Rally, the sixth round of 2012 FIA World Rally Championship that took place in Greece.
Mohsin Dawar, a close associate of Pashteen's, told media that the PTM leaders were concerned about the setup required for their rally, since the PPP rally would go on till late night, after which the venue would need to be cleaned up and then prepared for the next rally.
It is likely NGOs in Japan, which have had little experience in large-scale rallies in recent years, reached out to Korean civic groups to get some advice to make the upcoming rally peaceful but powerful like those in Korea.
The event forms a round of the the British Trials and Rally Drivers' Association's national championship, and the Welsh Forest Rally Championship.
Protest rally was held at Public Park in Sibi on Kashmir Solidarity Day under the leadership of the district chairman, Malik Qayem udin Dheyal against the oppression of Kashmiri brothers.
Tribune News Network Doha This weekend's Marmaris Rally Turkey is in the spotlight following the news of its inclusion in the 2018 FIA World Rally Championship, but TOSFED's premier rally is also the final round of the FIA Balkan Rally Trophy.
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