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rally around someone or something

Fig. to unite or assemble in support of someone or something. All the other workers rallied around Fred in his fight with management. They rallied around the principle that Fred stood for.
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rally to someone or something

to unite in support of someone or something. The students rallied to Betty, their elected president. We all rallied to the cause.
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pep someone up

Invigorate someone or cheer someone up, as in This drink will pep you up, or The good news about his recovery pepped us up. [1920s] Both the verb pep and the noun pep, denoting vigor and energy since about 1910, are abbreviations for pepper, a spice with a pungent, biting quality. They also have given rise to pep rally, a meeting to inspire enthusiasm [c. 1940], and pep talk, a speech meant to instill enthusiasm or bolster morale [1920s].
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rally around

Join in a common effort, as in When Mom broke her leg the entire family rallied around to help. This idiom gained currency with George F. Root's famous Civil War song, "The Battle Cry of Freedom," which urges troops to rally round the flag that goes with them into battle. [Early 1800s]
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1. n. get-together of some kind; a party, usually informal, possibly spontaneous. There’s a rally over at Tom’s tonight.
2. in. to hold a get-together of some kind; to party. (Collegiate.) Let’s rally tonight about midnight.
References in classic literature ?
That was why Rostov grew angry when he was rallied about Princess Bolkonskaya.
For fourteen minutes, as our reporter was informed, no change took place; but, strange to relate, immediately afterward her ladyship's pulse rallied suddenly in the most extraordinary manner.
To all appearance she rallied, and became herself again, in a few months' time.
We have seen what legions of admirers and friends Barbicane's project had rallied round its author.
She rallied him about it; she had perceived his folly; she warned him; she finished by owning that little Sharp was the most clever, droll, odd, good-natured, simple, kindly creature in England.
When he saw Rebecca alone, he rallied her about his father's attachment in his graceful way.
He had been struck by paralysis, and had never rallied after the shock.
It ran up a great deal farther; the sister scolded, Robin rallied and bantered, but poor Betty lost ground by it extremely in the family.
The pairing have rallied together for seven years, but this is the first time they will compete on Wales Rally GB.