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When Miss Harris returned with the rake and cheerfully inquired: "Anything else tonight, Mr.
"Oh, certainly--certainly--just as you say," stammered unhappy Matthew, seizing the rake and making for the door.
When he reached home he hid the rake in the tool house, but the sugar he carried in to Marilla.
When she went into the kitchen to her work, and began to rake the ashes, the cook said, 'Let that alone till the morning, and heat the king's soup; I should like to run up now and give a peep: but take care you don't let a hair fall into it, or you will run a chance of never eating again.'
LAHORE/MULTAN -- Already in operational and financial throes, Pakistan Railways faced an embarrassing situation on Wednesday when seven coaches of the Rawalpindi-bound Pakistan Express got detached from other rakes near Faridabad, some three kilometers from Khanewal station.
HELSINKI: Finland's president said on Sunday he had briefly discussed forestry management at a recent meeting with Donald Trump but had not mentioned rakes, after the US president praised the Nordic country's use of the tools to manage forest fires.
This Railway Board has sanctioned a project of upgrading existing rakes covers, upgradation of toilets, vinyl wrapping in interiors, upgraded interior amenities and fresh PU paint of each coach.
Earlier, the Minister was briefed that the Khyber Mail would run between Peshawar to Karachi and consists of 4 rakes including 16 coaches in each rake.
Caption: Figure 6: Effective stress contours in cutting zone and predicted crack propagation paths (the stresses in the vicinity of the tool tip just reach tension strength) at rakes angles of (a) 0[degrees], (b) 10[degrees], and (c) 20[degrees].
A quick check for lawn rakes on Craig's List and at the big box stores shows you can pick up a utilitarian one for under ten bucks.
According to officials, railways garnered Rs 9.5 crore by transporting nearly 35 rakes of mango to Delhi from Vizianagaram railway station last season.
You will need several rakes this spring: One to rake up the debris left from the winter and another to rake over the mulch to fluff it up and grade the added soil where snowplows and snowblowers lost their way.
The race is for the most raked hands and not for the value of rakes. One raked hand is a hand that was raked with a minimum of €0.01/$0.01.
Police discovered the body of Stephen "Stippo" Rakes, 59, on Wednesday in a secluded wood.
Lots of Field Editors told us about their favorite rakes. The most popular rakes are beloved just for their size--a big rake makes the job smaller.