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Profits made from a transaction, usually in an inappropriate, illegal, or dishonest way. The mayor quickly resigned after it was discovered he was taking a rake-off from the local cartel's drug sales.

rake something off (of) something

 and rake something off
to remove something from something by raking. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) Please rake the leaves off the lawn. Rake off the leaves.
See also: off, rake

rake off

Make an unlawful profit, as in They suspected her of raking off some of the campaign contributions for her personal use . This expression alludes to the raking of chips by an attendant at a gambling table. [Late 1800s]
See also: off, rake
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As a result, there is continuing pressure on government to limit the number of rake-offs and landings.
Now tell me this: a ceiling with plasterwork which cracks and drops of and walls which are lined with the most ornate coverings that tax rake-offs can buy, presumably hung in the most perfect fashion, none of the joins even the slightest bit askew.
ROGUE managers are using offshore bank accounts to hide away their transfer rake-offs, it was claimed last night.
That means Larsson giving up the cash rake-offs from all commercial sales relating to his success.
That means Larsson giving up the cash rake-offs for all comercial sales, relating to his success.
The Daily Mirror today blows the lid off this incredible soccer scandal - rake-offs in the lucrative trade in overseas stars.