rake off

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Profits made from a transaction, usually in an inappropriate, illegal, or dishonest way. The mayor quickly resigned after it was discovered he was taking a rake-off from the local cartel's drug sales.

rake something off (of) something

 and rake something off
to remove something from something by raking. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) Please rake the leaves off the lawn. Rake off the leaves.
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rake off

Make an unlawful profit, as in They suspected her of raking off some of the campaign contributions for her personal use . This expression alludes to the raking of chips by an attendant at a gambling table. [Late 1800s]
See also: off, rake
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Some of them have been keeping it themselves I understand, and others have been passing it on to claim farmers, that's people that's been directing these poor, sick, unfortunate, elderly miners to these solicitors and they've been having the rake off.
Crozier says the Government would make a good partner in the National Stadium project because they rake off more than pounds 300m in tax from the game.
In turn, he was taking a rake off selling them on to classmates.
The humble acorn we city folk used to rake off our lawns as a nuisance is gathered widely on our place today.
GREAT BRITISH RAKE OFF Now that evening and night time temperatures have already started to fall, the autumn leaves won't be far behind.
Measures to be announced this week will also include a crackdown on greedy landlords who rake off millions in tenants' housing benefits.
With deeper silt, rake off the excess and use it as a top dressing on beds and the vegetable patch.
They actually rake off pounds 5 million a week - and in the first year of operation, the figure reached pounds 8 million a week.
And there are allegations of an even bigger gambling rake off from the semi-final second leg in Russia, when Advocaat's side thrashed hot favourites Bayern Munich to reach the final.
If you have a large garden or a lot of trees a leaf blower is one of the best investments you can make and I have noticed on site that whilst no one has ever offered to take the rake off me, there is never a shortage of offers to use the blower.