rake in

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rake in (something)

To acquire or accumulate an abundance of something, especially money. Ever since his app became a worldwide sensation, Bill has been raking in the cash! We're going to rake in some serious profits if we can get our products into the Asian markets.
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rake something in

1. Lit. to drawer pull something inward with a rake. Jane is raking in the leaves into a big pile.
2. Fig. to take in a lot of something, usually money. Our candidate will rake votes in by the thousand. They were raking in money by the bushel.
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rake in

To win, earn, or gain something in abundance: The new business they set up is raking in a lot of cash. You certainly raked in a lot of prizes at the carnival last night!
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When you shake the rake in the sand, the action of the rake loosens the sand aroun d the clams and they roll into the basket.
Brokers get a percentage of that fee and easily rake in $100,000 to $200,000 a year.
Lightly rake over the soil to create a crumbly surface and then sow the seed evenly and gently rake in. To repair bare patches, vigorously rake the patch to remove the dead grass and create a tilth, then sow and lightly rake the seed in.