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The ten-year-old Hatton's Grace won the Champion Hurdle for the second consecutive year, while the year-older Cottage Rake returned to complete the hat-trick.
A factorial design with two factors, feed speed and rake angle, was established for the experiment.
Spear & Jackson Rake, pounds 22.49 (, 0845 077 8888)
Having appropriate range of penetration depth from 60 to 150 mm, range of allowed rake angle will eliminate in each tilt angle.
7 degrees and it's increasing with [lambda] and chip' width, at smaller values for tool rake angle [gamma].
The rake's excessive appetites and this competitive over-expenditure necessarily lead to his physical unmanning and social exclusion: the reputation of rakishness limits a man's social circle to like-minded men and women who have already been rejected by polite society.
Nicklaus, who says bunkers should challenge golfers, added: "We developed a rake that gives you a little bit of a waffling in the bunker.
When raking, the tendency is to plant the feet in a fixed position and rake in several directions from that position.
Additional research (in progress) may provide other options, especially for producers who prefer to rake annually.
This desk toy with attitude had a now gargantuan wooden rake leaning against its fine-grained frame, and a meticulously crafted six-foot-high spiral ziggurat, ringed with soaring, crumbling spires, rising from the sand.
Bureaucracies like to grow, to widen their mission, to rake on more duties and thereby expand their budgets and influence.
Caption: Pyramid Ale Breweries has released their fall seasonal- Pyramid Broken Rake Amber Aloe.
Among the best rakes came my favourite from Spear and Jackson - the plastic rake at pounds 18 - followed by the Wilkinson Sword Leaf Rake at pounds 17 and the True Temper Gather and Go from Greenwood at pounds 23.
AN advert which showed a rake complaining about the number of calories in a drink has been cleared of causing offence to people with eating disorders.
* Increase in the crater depth, width or other parameter of the crater, in the rake face.