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raison d'être

The fundamental reason for something or someone to exist; the sole or most important purpose for someone or something. (From French, literally "reason for being.") I know it's something of a cliché, but my children really are my raison d'être. We've always prized serious social commentary as our magazine's raison d'être.
See also: raison

his, your, etc. ˌraison ˈd’être

/%reIzQ~ "detr@; American English %reIzoUn/ (from French) the most important reason for somebody’s/something’s existence: Work seems to be her sole raison d’être.
The meaning of the French phrase is ‘reason for being’.
See also: raison
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Ahmed Alhatti, president and chairman of Cayan Group, said: "Our strategic partnership with Raison d'Etre is a testament to our commitment to provide exclusive, memorable and one-of-a-kind services to our tenants across our properties.
Raison recommended actively treating nausea, jitteriness, diarrhea, and other short-term SSRI side effects; it makes it more likely that patients will stay on their treatment.
Chez la femme agee 50-60 ans, la fatigue est souvent exprimee sans raison.
La quatrieme qualite est la perseverance, car ceux qui se servent a bon escient de la raison ont saisi l'essence de la vie dans le monde ici-bas et compris que cette derniere est marquee par l'inconstance et que le fidele est en permanence mis a l'epreuve, alors que la cinquieme qualite consiste en l'accomplissement dans le devouement et le recueillement, de la priere en tant que lien entre le croyant et son createur.
But Raison pauses for thought, then says: "It's a funny one.
Officers pulled their car around and when they stopped Raison in his Ford Fiesta they could smell cannabis coming from the vehicle.
But Raison doesn't want to dwell on it, and one of the storylines planned for series two has been plundered for her latest project Sugartown, a BBC One comedy drama about a seaside community battling against development.
Along with make-up artist Hannah Raison, he offered to give a makeover to a young carer going to last Friday's awards ceremony.
Alcoholic David Raison, pictured, pleaded guilty to a single charge of making a call which he knew to be false and would cause annoyance, inconvenience or anxiety.
Emory neuroscientist Charles Raison and colleagues said there is mounting evidence that disruptions in ancient relationships with microorganisms in soil, food and the gut may contribute to the increasing rates of depression.
Raison d'Etre, a Sweden-based spa development company, has opened the Egnathia Spa in Puglia, Italy.
Draud, MD, MS, Vladimir Maletic, MD, and Charles Raison, MD will review the most recent developments concerning the relationship between mental and physical health conditions and explore the concept of Wellness.
Starring: Amanda Abbington, Dean Lennox Kelly, Ralf Little, Miranda Raison, Shaun Dooley, Lucy Davis, Jack Scanlon.
The finalists are: Jerome Berard, principal and creative director, Berard Associates, New York; Denis Boudard founder and designer, QSLD Paris, Paris/Clearwater, FL; Henry de Monclin, president, HDM Design Lab, Paris; Laurent Hainaut, Frederic Jentgen, Gianni Rotta, principals and founders, Raison Pure/Raison International, New York/Paris; Marc Rosen, chief executive officer, Marc Rosen Associates, New York and Susan Wacker, president, SRW Design Inc.
The grey concrete of the silos is preserved as a reminder of the project's raison d'etre, but their stark contours are now fleshed out by an armature of habitable layers, like plump, buzzing honeycombs attached to a tree trunk.