raise (one's) hackles

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raise (one's) hackles

To greatly irritate, annoy, or aggravate one. The disrespect he showed our professor during class raised my hackles so badly that I had to go take a walk to calm down. The politician has a gift for raising his opponents' hackles during debates.
See also: hackle, raise

raise one's hackles

Make one very angry, as in That really raised my hackles when he pitched straight at the batter's head. Hackles are the hairs on the back of an animal's neck, which stick up when the animal feels fearful or angry. [Late 1800s]
See also: hackle, raise

raise someone's hackles

COMMON If something raises your hackles, it makes you angry. The taxes will be designed not to raise voters' hackles too much. Note: You can also say that something raises hackles if it makes people angry. Certainly Smedley's pay packet of $1 million-plus would have raised a few hackles among the medical profession. Note: When something makes you angry or annoyed, you can say that your hackles rise. My hackles rose when I read his letter. Note: `Hackles' are feathers on the necks of cockerels and some other birds. They rise up when the bird becomes aggressive.
See also: hackle, raise
References in periodicals archive ?
Iran is also a key supporter of Assad, and Russia has sought to have Tehran involved in any peace talks, raising hackles in the West and in Saudi Arabia, a key opposition supporter.
Iran is a key supporter of Assad, and Russia has sought to have Tehran involved in any peace talks, raising hackles in the West.
The Swiss parliament will soon legislate - in an emergency procedure in June - on this matter, which is already raising hackles among certain political parties.
Israeli officials are reportedly raising hackles with Germany over the fact that the two countries are competing for a spot on the United Nations Security Council.
The problem here is that while the socialist proposals currently emanating from Congress are raising hackles, the federal government has long been exceeding the bounds established for it by the Constitution.
But the drive is raising hackles, with some opposition politicians accusing the government of undermining France s much prized secularism to accommodate wealthy interests.
The apparent regime-change preparations have been accompanied since earlier this year by a steady escalation of Northern provocation towards Washington and Seoul, but also raising hackles in Beijing.
In BC, hydro development is raising hackles all across the province.
The price tag for the Navy's latest ship-construction plan is raising hackles on Capitol Hill.
Bodrov's script (co-written with Arif Aliyev, who shared writing credits on "Prisoner") has been raising hackles in Ulan-Bator for its depiction of Genghis' life and character.
THE Daily Mirror is raising hackles in the United States.
Thank God there's one time of the year we can all shout about without raising hackles.
The former Ireland international is used to raising hackles whenever and wherever he plays against Rangers.
But he risked raising hackles by telling his Cardiff audience that a "selestructive element" in the Welsh psyche and "pettiness of spirit" meant the general view of Welsh political life had more to do with "ferrets in a sack" than co-operation and inclus ion.
A product of the merger of two old-line textile unions, the scrappy new organization is winning battles and raising hackles.