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Though this raises the specter of marketers being able to read people's minds, neuromarketing may prove to be an affordable way to gather material that previously was unobtainable or that consumers themselves may not even be aware of fully.
But a gunman/suicide bomber ended the hope for millions of Pakistanis of all classes, and raises the specter of this nuclear power falling into radical Islamist hands.
This huge influx of Muslims, adding to the Islamic immigration that has already taken place, raises the specter of once-Christian European countries becoming Islamic--and reshaping their laws accordingly.
In War of the Worlds anti-imperialist Wells shows his British audience what it's like to be on the wrong end of colonialism's wrecking ball, and Spielberg's film raises the specter of an America overflowing with refugees.
While the video documentation of performances helps to animate the props on display, it also raises the specter of the objectification of process-based work.
But Bill McKibben's alarming Enough (New York Times Books/Henry Holt, $25) raises the specter of tiny lab-hatched nanobots destroying civilization with a force that makes even the nuclear and chemical weapons of the 20th century seem tame by comparison.
But a report by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), a professional association for managers, raises the specter of dueling discrimination lawsuits pitting religions and gender discrimination claims against each other.
This raises the specter of a race to the cap: How can these providers keep track of each other's billings to make sure they are not delivering uncovered services for a patient who has exhausted the cap?
Although the historian emphasizes Mercurio's "benign, supportive attitude toward midwives" (101), he disregards numerous ways in which Mercurio's text raises the specter o f the "bad midwife" as well as the way in which La commare, like others in its genre, contributes to a growing opposition between knowledgeable male physician and ignorant midwife; in my reading, much of Mercurio's text appears directed to the.
That preference raises the specter of crocodiles lolling on pools of water while listening to Cuban son played by the Buenavista Social Club.
A swift-moving disease threatens California's signature tree, among others--and raises the specter of Dutch elm disease and chestnut blight.
That means recruitment of camp counselors will be made more difficult; and it raises the specter of the camps having to absorb that cost for each counselor, as well as the cost for processing the paperwork.
For some people, a technology that could pick out the sex of a baby raises the specter of China's overabundance of baby boys.
O'Connor also said that "the failure of (the Commission) Staff to raise its concerns about these contracts and the company's decisional process several years ago should be of concern to the Commission, since it raises the specter of a 'gotcha' regulatory approach which is entirely inconsistent with, and destructive of, the collaborative process in which the (Commission) Staff was a key participant.
This diffusion of responsibility raises the specter of companies wrestling with as many as 50 different sets of administrative rules, increased government bureaucracy and increased costs of corporate compliance.