raise from the dead

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raise (someone or something) from the dead

1. To resurrect or reanimate a deceased person or animal. He uttered an ancient mystic spell meant to raise his son from the dead. The warlock raised all manner of creature from the dead and unleashed the unholy horde upon the world.
2. To return something to viability or give something the chance to succeed after it has failed or been considered a failure. The movie had been canceled by the studio, but a massive petition by fans seems to have raised it from the dead. The billionaire investor raised the old company from the dead with the aim of returning it to its former glory.
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raise someone from the dead

Fig. to bring a dead person back to life. (When used figuratively, usually refers to something very bad or offensive.) How great are your magic powers? Can you raise people from the dead? They say her singing could raise people from the dead.
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It's beautiful: God's mercy gives life to man, it raises him from the dead. Let us not forget that the Lord always watches over us with mercy; he always watches over us with mercy.
They execute him, but then God raises him from the dead. And it's only after the Resurrection that the disciples begin to "get it."