raise (one's) hackles

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raise (one's) hackles

To greatly irritate, annoy, or aggravate one. The disrespect he showed our professor during class raised my hackles so badly that I had to go take a walk to calm down. The politician has a gift for raising his opponents' hackles during debates.
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raise one's hackles

Make one very angry, as in That really raised my hackles when he pitched straight at the batter's head. Hackles are the hairs on the back of an animal's neck, which stick up when the animal feels fearful or angry. [Late 1800s]
See also: hackle, raise

raise someone's hackles

COMMON If something raises your hackles, it makes you angry. The taxes will be designed not to raise voters' hackles too much. Note: You can also say that something raises hackles if it makes people angry. Certainly Smedley's pay packet of $1 million-plus would have raised a few hackles among the medical profession. Note: When something makes you angry or annoyed, you can say that your hackles rise. My hackles rose when I read his letter. Note: `Hackles' are feathers on the necks of cockerels and some other birds. They rise up when the bird becomes aggressive.
See also: hackle, raise
References in periodicals archive ?
WATERING CORRUPTION Mishra said he has given his statement to L- G Anil Baijal Vishwas raises hackles, vowing for another movement
The post China's dog meat festival raises hackles of fans and opponents appeared first on Cyprus Mail.
The banning of "India's Daughter," a documentary about the gang rape in Delhi, raises hackles across the globe.
Erdogan, whose conservative ideology often raises hackles in more liberal segments of Turkish society, said women's "delicate" nature meant it was impossible to place them on an equal footing with men.
News of a proposed ban on hunting with dogs raises hackles amongst his friends and contacts, threatening to put him in the firing line.
In his cable, entitled "Stomp around and carry a small stick: China's new 'global assertiveness' raises hackles, but has more form than substance", he accused Beijing of "muscle-flexing, triumphalism and assertiveness".
Cardiff Castle ticket office raises hackles of heritage watchdog", Echo, June 1).
This raises the question of how architects approach the issue of cost, a subject which raises hackles among creative designers if they feel their ideas are being wilfully diluted or destroyed.
That's a word that raises hackles, but here it's strictly accurate.
THE number of World Cup tickets handed over to sponsors and for corporate hospitality always raises hackles, so it will not please regular fans to learn that around 1,000 seats left empty in the Holland versus Serbia match had all been distributed to FIFA's commercial partners.
And then he mentioned,in a subtle way, the subject that still raises hackles of traditionalists and drives at the heart of the sentimental nonsense that always pervades the Merseyside footballing psyche.
The notion of excessive profits raises hackles in the banking industry in particular.
The problem for the Government is that the issue raises hackles on the left and right, for completely different reasons.
BURBANK - While LAX raises hackles, Burbank Airport invokes nothing but smiles.