raise a/(one's) voice against (someone or something)

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raise a/(one's) voice against (someone or something)

To publicly defy, condemn, oppose, or remonstrate against someone or something. The prime minister is facing heavy criticism after not raising a voice against the violence committed by the supremacist group. I was about to raise my voice against the proposal, but I was too afraid of losing my job.
See also: raise, voice

raise one's voice against someone or something

Fig. to speak out loudly or angrily against someone or something; to complain about someone or something. Tony was very polite and did not raise his voice against Roger. I was too timid to raise my voice against the injustices of the day.
See also: raise, voice

raise a/your voice aˈgainst somebody/something

say publicly that you do not agree with somebody’s actions, plans, etc: He was the only person to raise his voice against the plan.
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Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said that Shaheed Abdullah Murad had raised voice against the elements who, held the city hostage on gun-point and resorted to target killings of their opponent voices.
The opposition lawmakers staged a protest against the promotion of a civil servant who is under investigation for corruption charges and kidnapping of a person who raised voice against corruption in Multan Metro Bus Project.
Gian Chand said that she never compromised on principles and always raised voice against hatred,
NAUSHEHRO FEROZE -- The Additional Deputy Commissioner Naushehro Feroze Mudassar Ali Shah has said people and the Govt of Pakistan had always raised voice against Indian brutalities on the innocent people of occupied Kashmir.
Speaking on the occasion, the chief guest, honorary secretary, Board of Sindh Madrastul Islam University, former commissioner Karachi and home secretary Sindh, Shafiqur Rehman Piracha, stated that Hakim Mohammed Said came to Pakistan like the poem of Allama Iqbal: 'May my life be like the candle of knowledge and holding a torch of education and knowledge in his hand he started to fight against the glooms of poverty, ignorance and social injustices and raised voice against mismanagement and corruption.
Regarding his party stance he added that JI raised voice against FCR on every platform from the past 20 years and now it was strong voice against the colonial in the area.
CPI GENERAL secretary Sudhakar Reddy lashed out at the Centre saying fundamentalists killed Dr Narendra Dabholkar, Govind Pansare and MM Kalburgi, who had raised voice against unscientific thoughts and communal poisoning of the society.
In Pakistan we have always raised voice against any injustice with the minority communities while in India the state is not showing solidarity with the Muslims," he said, urging people from all walks of life to raise their voice against the unjust decision.
Talking to Online on Telephone, he recalled that his forefathers also raised voice against the corrupt elements.
When, Pakistan raised voice against the Indian atrocities, New Delhi started leveling allegations against Pakistan over an attack in Uri and Indian forces violated the Line of Control (LoC) during which two Pakistani soldiers were martyred, they said.
Khuhro said that Abdullah raised voice against the injustices and Reti-Bajri Mafia for which he was assassinated, said a statement.
The always raised voice against the corruption in the Railway department.
They said that Shaheed PPP leader always raised voice against dictatorship and struggled for strengthening of democracy and embraced martyrdom for the noble cause.
Finance Ministry sources told Online that PML-N's government had put the airport projects in Muzaffarabad and Rawalakot under the carpet; however the AJK government did also not raised voice against it.
Gilani further said that Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) was the first political party which had raised voice against rigging.