raise (one's) voice

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raise (one's) voice

To speak or shout loudly, especially out of anger. I know you're upset, but there's no need to raise your voice. Don't raise your voice to the kids, it's not their fault!
See also: raise, voice

raise one's voice (to someone)

Fig. to speak loudly or shout at someone in anger. Don't you dare raise your voice to me! I'm sorry. I didn't mean to raise my voice.
See also: raise, voice

raise one's voice

Talk louder, either to be heard more clearly or in anger, as in You'll have to raise your voice if you expect the audience to hear you, or Don't you raise your voice at me! [Late 1300s]
See also: raise, voice

raise your ˈvoice

speak in a louder voice, often because you are angry: Don’t raise your voice at me. It wasn’t my fault.They heard raised voices and saw two men engaged in an argument.
See also: raise, voice
References in classic literature ?
The Jed of Zodangan Helium raised his voice to the angry sea beneath us.
In pronouncing these words Albert had raised his voice so as to be heard by those in the adjoining boxes and in the lobby.
He raised his voice in a weird scream that sent La back from him a step or two.
Just then Uncas struck his tomahawk deep into the post, and raised his voice in a shout, which might be termed his own battle cry.
When the Barmecide had done rubbing his hands, he raised his voice, and cried, "Set food before us at once, we are very hungry.
The urchin raised his voice in defiance to his parent and continued his attacks.
They spoke together for a little, and though none of them started, or raised his voice, or so much as whistled, it was plain enough that Dr.
Maulana Ilyas Chinoti said due to in time steps taken by the gov-ernment on the issue it was resolved and the chief minister of Punjab raised his voice on this matter first of all when this issue was created.
Using the power of writing, Faiz raised his voice against social injustice.
He raised his voice against corruption and he will continue to point out the corruption in the society without caring about the consequences .
Leung has also raised his voice against the Hong Kong government's recent hiring of an antigay Christian group called the Society for Truth and Light to teach human rights to schoolteachers.
As Bishop of Muenster during the Nazi period, von Galen raised his voice in defence of-the rights of the poor and the sick, and protested vigorously against euthanasia, the seizing of monasteries and convents, and the expulsion of religious.
He raised his voice throughout his life for peace, love and humanity to promote interfaith harmony.