raise your sights

raise (one's) sights

To increase one's expectations, hopes, or ambitions for or about something. I don't know why you're settling for some data management job; you have the qualifications to be a manager. We raised our sights while we were looking for houses after my wife's great-aunt left us a big inheritance.
See also: raise, sight

raise (or lower) your sights

become more (or less) ambitious; increase (or lower) your expectations.
See also: raise, sight

raise/lower your ˈsights

increase/reduce your hopes and ambitions: You should raise your sights and apply for the director’s job.Some women feel that staying at home and having a family means lowering their sights.
See also: lower, raise, sight
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Raise your sights, actively develop and involve them, and you will discover that this group is a vital unique asset for strategic change.