raise your glass

raise a/(one's) glass (to someone)

To wish someone happiness, success, good fortune, etc., by raising one's drink. I would like everyone to raise their glasses in honor of my father, who is retiring from this company that he helped build from the ground up. Now, please raise your glass to the newly married couple!
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raise your ˈglass (to somebody)

hold up your glass and wish somebody happiness, good luck, etc. before you drink: Now, would everybody please raise their glasses and drink a toast to the bride and groom.
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We ask, in lieu of flowers, to please raise your glass to Bubbles - not to grieve his loss but to celebrate his life.
Pink is as dazzling as ever with her new tune Raise your Glass. The song starts off with a guitar and quickly makes its way into a torrent of pumping dance beats.
RAISE your glass and enjoy a relaxing evening supping wines from Spain at a wine tasting event organised by Stockton Council's Adult Education Service.
"It would please me very much if you all would raise your glass and pay tribute to this man who brought us all here." An appropriate toast might have been this summation by Villella: "Lincoln has given me a lifetime."
The Record started the search for the new "pop idols" a month ago, teaming up with Barr's for the Scotland Raise Your Glass campaign for returnable glass bottles.
We're behind the bar Kerry Teakle, left, and Brenda Craig Big night Nam Gowans, left, with Laura Henry Smiles Sam Donaghy, left, and Hannah McDermott On the scene Graham Norris, Colin Gallacher, David Keenan, Royal, Rob Ledson, Kirsty McPhee Opening time From left, Katie Whyte, Sandrine Contier-Lawrie and Jo Scobie Cheers Ashley Cowan, left and June Sharkey enjoy the evening event All the best Kim Van Campfort and Ronald De Lange drink to the success of new venture Happy hour Amanda Hunter, left, with Mary Leadbetter at bash Raise your glasses Guests at the grand opening of the Monboddo Bar included from left, Carole Mearns, Moira Wood, Emma Saunders and Loren Ebbett Here's to success From left, Marion Davies, Ailsa MacMillan and julie Thomson
Raise your glasses up above with all your loved ones, as I will down here with mine.
No half measures from pub landlord Al RAISE your glasses as Al Murray - Pub Landlord pulls the pints in the Midlands.