raise your eyebrows

raise (one's) eyebrows

1. To lift one's eyebrows in a display of shock, surprise, or offense. She raised her eyebrows at the idea, but after I went through the details of the plan, she was agreed to support it.
2. To elicit shock, surprise, or offense, typically through unconventional actions or words. The phrase typically suggests negative attention or judgment. Her irreverent chatter during the ceremony raised many people's eyebrows. Sarah's pink hair definitely raised a few eyebrows, but if she likes it, then that's all that matters.
See also: eyebrow, raise

raise your eyebrows (or an eyebrow)

show surprise, disbelief, or mild disapproval.
See also: eyebrow, raise

raise your ˈeyebrows (at something)

show, by the expression on your face, that you disapprove of or are surprised by something: Eyebrows were raised when he arrived at the wedding in jeans.When he said he was leaving, there were a lot of raised eyebrows.
See also: eyebrow, raise
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Head coach Carl Darlington said: "When you look at our bench, you raise your eyebrows when you see big players like Steve Evans (above), Craig Jones, Barry Hogan, Scott Ruscoe and Christian Seargeant.
Next, raise your eyebrows slightly (too much, and you'll look surprised).
I find it rather shameful if you can't raise your eyebrows," she says.