raise voice against

raise a/(one's) voice against (someone or something)

To publicly defy, condemn, oppose, or remonstrate against someone or something. The prime minister is facing heavy criticism after not raising a voice against the violence committed by the supremacist group. I was about to raise my voice against the proposal, but I was too afraid of losing my job.
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raise one's voice against someone or something

Fig. to speak out loudly or angrily against someone or something; to complain about someone or something. Tony was very polite and did not raise his voice against Roger. I was too timid to raise my voice against the injustices of the day.
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He expressed that Humanity was taking the last breath in the Indian Held Kashmir, the international community should raise voice against human rights violations, adding that night of cruelties was coming to an end and the sun of freedom would soon rise in Kashmir.
Federal Minister for Housing and Works Tariq Basheer Cheema in his address to the gathering said that people of Pakistan stand with Kashmir and will raise voice against tyrannies of Indian government at all the levels.
ISLAMABAD -- Special Assistant to the Prime Minster on Information and Broadcasting Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan has said the government is making efforts to mobilize Islamic countries from the platform of Organization of Islamic Cooperation to raise voice against Indian human rights violations and planned ethnic cleansing in occupied Kashmir.
They urged the world community to take notice of the Indian violation of human rights in Occupied Kashmir while OIC and other Muslim countries and alliances should raise voice against India's illegal move.
Punjab University is observing Kashmir Solidarity Day on Monday, 5th August, 2019 (today) to show support to the people of Kashmir and to raise voice against flagrant human rights violations.
Sharing views on PTM and other nationalist parties spreading hate in the country the spokesman said, PTI would raise voice against Manzoor Pashteen and all hate preacher but the nation can't be fooled through hate,
She vowed to raise voice against this cruelty, fight against it and go to the logical conclusion.
He added that the PPP has lost its popularity in all other provinces expect Sindh due to which the people of Sindh should also not raise voice against the arrest of Asif Ali Zardari and Faryal Talpur.
While the government approves such bills in a hurry, it seldom has profound effect on the ground she said, adding that people need to raise voice against dowry on an individual level.
He said political workers are being harassed through police but we are not afraid of it and I will continue to raise voice against it.
Talking to journalists here on Sunday, he said that international human rights organisations should raise voice against Indian atrocities on innocent Kashmir people.
According to local media reports citing PML-N sources, that the major opposition party, at first, will raise voice against the possible attempts in the provincial assembly and then approach the court against the government if LGs, which are dominated by the PML-N, is suspended.
Whenever the villagers raise voice against the company, it repeats its promise.
She said that the walk was organized to raise voice against the Indian atrocities in Occupied Kashmir.
She urged the people to raise voice against the poor policies of the present government so that their problems could be resolved.