raise voice against

raise one's voice against someone or something

Fig. to speak out loudly or angrily against someone or something; to complain about someone or something. Tony was very polite and did not raise his voice against Roger. I was too timid to raise my voice against the injustices of the day.
See also: raise, voice
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Speaking to a delegation of social workers at her office, she said they must raise voice against early marriages to get rid of mental, physical, social and economical exploitation of these innocent girls.
He urged the public to raise voice against corruption and contact NAB regarding all complaints against corruption and corrupt practices.
Muslim rulers to raise voice against the French magazine Charlie Hebdo.
MDMK leader Vaiko and other leaders to joined the protest to raise voice against the Indo-Russian power project.
So I believe whoso- ever would raise voice against corruption, then congress will try to misguide people about that person," he said.
He said that Israeli forces had been disgracing Aqsa Mosque for the last three days and urged the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and Pakistan government to raise voice against it.
Dr Wasim demanded the government of Pakistan to raise voice against the conviction of Morsi and others at international forum effectively.
The PUTA will hold a solidarity walk in the university on Thursday from TCC, to show sympathy with the bereaved families and to raise voice against the perpetrators of this heinous and ugliest crime against humanity.
Hazare had earlier said that he would defy prohibitory orders if police deny permission for the protest, saying it was the right of public to raise voice against injustice.
He said that government should raise voice against Indian barbarism at all international fora including UN and OIC so that world must know the facts and true picture of the situation.
They said that the association would raise voice against curriculum that clashes with basic resolution of Pakistan.
As per media reports, PPP would raise voice against those ruling PML-N activists and office bearers who are allegedly involve in corruption cases and inquiries were being conducted in NAB against them.
He said the decision to raise voice against drone strikes in the United Nations was taken unanimously in All Parties Conference.
I will raise voice against his kidnapping in the parliament", he stated.
KARACHI -- Former Sindh home minister has said that he will continue to raise voice against his detractors until they were hanged.