raise to

raise someone or something to something

to elevate someone or something to something at a higher level. Dan raised Alice up to the window. I helped raise the ladder to the top of the roof.
See also: raise

raise someone to something

to promote or advance someone to a higher rank. The boss raised her to vice president after one year. I hope she raises me to head clerk.
See also: raise
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Loa said he is proposing the raise to put the Palmdale city manager's salary on par with those in Lancaster and Santa Clarita.
The surge bin was mined 42 ft from the breakthrough of the bored raise to allow the Alimak raising and the raise reaming to take place concurrently so that the ore system was ready for use when the reaming was completed.
On this same project the two system worked together again when a 10-ft-dia borehole was drilled 1,000 ft with an 82R raise drill and then the Alimak was used to install rail throughout the raise to facilitate concrete lining of the raise.
Men worked off this platform with hand-held drills to drill up-holes to slash the raise to full size.
During teacher contract negotiations, Fields said the mayor instructed her to limit the average teachers pay raise to between 10 percent and 11 percent.
The Hahn legal opinion came two days after Martin acknowledged an embarrassing mistake involving a $7,500 raise to Police Chief Bernard C.
5 percent pay raise to City Attorney Mark Sellers, bringing his pay to $115,080.
5 percent pay raise to $142,913 a year, bringing his salary closer to those of administrators of comparably sized cities, the mayor said Thursday.
Alarcon said he plans to donate the whole raise to police services in his northeast San Fernando Valley district, as he did with the 9.
Feuer said he would reject the raise to keep a campaign promise not to take mid-term salary increases.
Councilwoman Cindy Miscikowski is considering giving all or part of the latest raise to charity or to city departments.
Administrative secretaries will earn up to $38,725 a year, and staff accountants will get a raise to as much as $58,044.
Even so, Councilman Richard Alarcon said his initial reaction is that he would donate the whole raise to police services in his district.
Keller (newly appointed to this position), general manager, Harbor Department: $21,000 raise to $184,057.
McCarley, who Riordan had proposed to receive a $14,065 raise to put his annual salary at $190,000, was in Santa Fe, N.