raise to

raise to (some state)

1. To elevate or improve someone's or something's condition to a more desirable or pleasant state or position. A noun or pronoun is used between "raise" and "from." The government is hoping the initiative will help raise thousands of people to positions of financial independence. The popularity of their latest product has raised the company to profitability for the first time in two years.
2. To elevate something to a position or status of higher regard or value. A noun or pronoun is used between "raise" and "from." The writing and acting raises the otherwise standard slapstick comedy to something much more insightful and profound.
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raise someone or something to something

to elevate someone or something to something at a higher level. Dan raised Alice up to the window. I helped raise the ladder to the top of the roof.
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raise someone to something

to promote or advance someone to a higher rank. The boss raised her to vice president after one year. I hope she raises me to head clerk.
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The revision then accorded the highest raise to those already getting hefty pay, while making it appear that those at the lowest rung also got equally.
So why risk putting in a big raise to steal the blinds when you are often going to be running into a big hand or maybe a re-raise from someone in a late position?
Since you are representing such a strong hand it won't take much of a raise to convince the other players or the blinds to fold if they are not holding good cards.
As obviously bad as this consultant's advice is, Congress almost took it in January when it flirted with the recommendation of the presidential commission headed by Lloyd Cutler to dole out a 50 percent pay raise to some 10,000 federal employees.
It doesn't take much of a raise to convince the other players or the blinds to fold.
When you are in middle position, raise to around two-and-a-half to three times the big blinds, and raise around three times the big blind from late position.