raise the ante

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raise the ante

To increase the level of something, often one related to money. I'm going to raise the ante and threaten them a little so that they finally pay up. Sellers have raised the ante in this area so much that first-time buyers can no longer afford it.
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raise the ante

Increase the price or cost of something, as in We'd hoped to invest in some land, but they've raised the ante and now we can't afford it . This term alludes to the ante or stakes of gambling. [Slang; late 1800s]
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raise/up the ˈante

increase the level of something, especially demands or sums of money: His ex-wife has upped the ante in her alimony suit against him.
The ante is the amount of money that players bet in a card game such as poker.
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raise the ante, to

Also, to up the ante. To increase the price or cost of something in order to achieve a better result. Dating from the late 1800s, the term alludes to the stakes of gambling, where the ante means the stake each player must put into the pool. It has long been used figuratively, as in “They are raising the ante in what it takes to become a certified analyst.”
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each time he came back to raise the ante and eventually the gelding was knocked down to
Hatton's camp are looking for seven-figure deals next year and believe delaying a summit with Witter can only raise the ante.
They may well be tempted to raise the ante with their own deployment, accelerating the nuclear arms race.
When the going gets tough, you have to raise the ante and Liverpool have done that by completing the signing of young Czech international Milan Baros as well as agreeing to bring the talented Nicolas Anelka to Anfield to provide some alternative fire power up front.
After that impressive season (third-best in UCLA history), the Bruins attempted to raise the ante in their recruiting - and lost the bet.
Last month, JED reported that the People's Republic of China's newly installed CSS-7 missiles at Xianyou had raised the stakes regarding US relations with the Republic of China, or Taiwan (see "CSS-7s Raise the Ante in Chinese Talks," JED, May 2001, p.