raise a/(one's) voice against (someone or something)

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raise a/(one's) voice against (someone or something)

To publicly defy, condemn, oppose, or remonstrate against someone or something. The prime minister is facing heavy criticism after not raising a voice against the violence committed by the supremacist group. I was about to raise my voice against the proposal, but I was too afraid of losing my job.
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raise one's voice against someone or something

Fig. to speak out loudly or angrily against someone or something; to complain about someone or something. Tony was very polite and did not raise his voice against Roger. I was too timid to raise my voice against the injustices of the day.
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raise a/your voice aˈgainst somebody/something

say publicly that you do not agree with somebody’s actions, plans, etc: He was the only person to raise his voice against the plan.
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He said, "It is the time to call a spade a spade," and added in current circumstances, to raise our voice against the miscreants was not based on bad intention.
It is commendable that we have begun to raise our voice against prejudice against transgender people leading to their social marginalisation and persecution.
The least we can do is to raise our voice against force being the only argument for those who do not respect any international or ethical standards,' said the Islamic Community in BiH.
In the wake of these incidents, we should raise our voice against this system of education.
We want to tell the world that whatever atrocities are being committed against our people, we will continue to raise our voice against it until we achieve complete independence from Pakistan.
And if we really want that change, then we have to raise our voice against those who are incompetent rulers.
Maulana Jalal Haider Naqvi, Joint Secretary of Majlis Ulema-e Hind said that the terrorists in Iraq are not targeting any particular community, but they are killing everybody that is why today the Shias and the Sunnis have together assembled to raise our voice against terrorism.
Not to tolerate nonsense, not to be indifferent and raise our voice against injustice.
Reacting to the awful incident Kejriwal said, "We knew that this would happen if we raise our voice against political leaders like Salman Khurshid and expose the nexus between industrialists and political parties."