raise a/(one's) glass (to someone)

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raise a/(one's) glass (to someone)

To wish someone happiness, success, good fortune, etc., by raising one's drink. I would like everyone to raise their glasses in honor of my father, who is retiring from this company that he helped build from the ground up. Now, please raise your glass to the newly married couple!
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raise one's glass to someone or something

to propose a drinking toast in salute to someone or something. Let us all raise our glasses to George Wilson! They raised their glasses to the successful campaign.
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raise your ˈglass (to somebody)

hold up your glass and wish somebody happiness, good luck, etc. before you drink: Now, would everybody please raise their glasses and drink a toast to the bride and groom.
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We can raise our glasses to the royal couple and to our absent friends, who I know will be watching from above.
Tonight a party is being held at the Devonshire Hotel, Edge Lane, where we will all raise our glasses to Sir John Moores.
Every year there is a reunion partyfor the reporters and editors who worked on the New York Herald Tribune, and at every party I have attended, along toward the end of the evening, mellowed by drink, somebody raises his glass and proclaims, "By God, you could take the people in this room right now and still put out the best newspaper in the country." The rest of us raise our glasses and cheer in agreement.