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Nobody was confident of the correct answer; therefore, the only acceptable survival strategy was to not raise one's hand for fear of immediate embarrassment and subsequent withering ridicule by one's peers.
It is important to raise one's hand or hands from a distance of about three feet to register ones intention, be that to hug or just shake hands, it says.
In our sessions, students explore real-life issues, such as deciding whether to raise one's hand in class, where to sit in the cafeteria and with whom, what to wear to school, how to make friends, and how to deal with parents' opinions.
Normally, they do the latter intentionally in the course of intentionally doing the former; but the thesis at issue leaves it open that the only intention at work in many such cases is the intention to raise one's hand above one's head.
Even the instruction to raise one's hands is accompanied by the caution "Don't do it if it hurts."
The politically correct response, at least here in Britain, is to raise one's hands in horror and to plead for the ghosts of history to be laid.