raise objection

raise (an) objection (to someone or something)

to mention an objection about someone or something. I hope your family won't raise an objection to my staying for dinner. I'm certain no one will raise an objection. We are delighted to have you.
See also: objection, raise
References in classic literature ?
But what could they have done even if they had been prepared to raise objections.
Every body in Pakistan has the right to raise objection on any mistake or wrong entry in the list, and please must raise objection if something is wrong as it would be our duty to the country, he added.
WHEN Freddy Shepherd purchased the La Sagesse site, he must have known the local residents would raise objections to any change or use, irrespective of how good it was.
The public can inspect the plans at the council offices, so I would urge readers please, if you feel strongly, raise objections and get involved.
The application to convert the barn could be scuppered if any of Miss Hurley's neighbours raise objections to her plans before March 1.
She also objected to church-state separation issues, noting that the Bush administration has advocated partnering the California Mission Foundation with the Catholic Church - something she said is sure to raise objections.
Nasdaq:MERCS, Easdaq:MERC GR) today announced the European Union has advised that it will not raise objections to German governmental aid for its project to build a "greenfield" softwood kraft pulp mill to be located near Stendal, in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany, with a total annual production capacity of approximately 550,000 tonnes.
Ministers are yet to see the plans, which have been drawn up by Home Office officials, but they are likely to provoke outrage from data protection and civil liberty campaigners and raise objections to the rise of a "Big Brother" state.
I was advised that the fixtures were issued to all clubs and police prior to being issued to the public to give everyone a chance to raise objections.
It's also an opportunity for the public to raise objections to a project, but the Coliseum had none of any consequence, which makes it all but certain no legal action will be brought against the project.
He added there was confusion over the 28-day time-scale for people to raise objections, since it began over Christmas.
The required waiting period for US competition authorities to raise objections to the sale of Tate & Lyle North American Sugars Inc.
However, if any member of my immediate family were to raise objections about the donation (or something I have in my living will), my wishes will be overturned and my family member's wishes honored.
More recently they are circulating doubts about our product launch and are attempting to raise objections with processor governing bodies.
But they are likely to raise objections to its details, particularly a provision that would set limits on the health claims manufacturers can make about products containing trans fatty acids.