raise objection

raise an objection (to someone or something)

To make one's opposition to or disapproval of someone or something known or heard. Her parents raised an objection to the wedding because of her fiancé's reputation. We won't raise any objections, so long as it's understood that your firm will be covering all the applicable fees.
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raise (an) objection (to someone or something)

to mention an objection about someone or something. I hope your family won't raise an objection to my staying for dinner. I'm certain no one will raise an objection. We are delighted to have you.
See also: objection, raise
References in classic literature ?
In such a case, a plain and open avowal of his difficulties would have been more to his honour I think, as well as more consistent with his general character;--but I will not raise objections against any one's conduct on so illiberal a foundation, as a difference in judgment from myself, or a deviation from what I may think right and consistent.
But what could they have done even if they had been prepared to raise objections.
Every body in Pakistan has the right to raise objection on any mistake or wrong entry in the list, and please must raise objection if something is wrong as it would be our duty to the country, he added.
She said no body could raise objections if the accountability process was same and transparent for everyone without any discrimination.
Existing suppliers have always been able to raise objections against an application to switch away from them and customers and their brokers have had five days to resolve the issue.
WHEN Freddy Shepherd purchased the La Sagesse site, he must have known the local residents would raise objections to any change or use, irrespective of how good it was.
On the objections raised by some investors against the new law, the minister said: "They have the right to raise objections and file them in the Court of Grievances or Shariah Courts to protect their interests.
On 23 July 2003, the Commission decided not to raise objections to the capital increase plan, notified by Belgium on 3 December 2002, finding that the capital increase did not in itself constitute state aid.
It's difficult to stand here and raise objections but we are fighting for our survival.
Post Office bosses plan to close and reduce services at 96 offices in Northern Ireland with a six-week public consultation period for local people to raise objections.
Severe congestion on the road ( which operates at 67% beyond its capacity at peak times ( has led the Highways Agency to raise objections to a series of developments which could increase traffic.
Still, there are those who are suspicious of political motivations, and who raise objections to global warming's threat.
The EC has been reviewing the alliance since its 2000 launch and said yesterday that it "does not raise objections to the alliance as a whole but has concerns about a limited number of routes" on which SkyTeam cooperation "may have a negative effect on competition.
The City Council put public notices in the pub to allow anyone to raise objections.
The application to convert the barn could be scuppered if any of Miss Hurley's neighbours raise objections to her plans before March 1.