raise (one's) voice

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raise (one's) voice

To speak or shout loudly, especially out of anger. I know you're upset, but there's no need to raise your voice. Don't raise your voice to the kids, it's not their fault!
See also: raise, voice

raise one's voice (to someone)

Fig. to speak loudly or shout at someone in anger. Don't you dare raise your voice to me! I'm sorry. I didn't mean to raise my voice.
See also: raise, voice

raise one's voice

Talk louder, either to be heard more clearly or in anger, as in You'll have to raise your voice if you expect the audience to hear you, or Don't you raise your voice at me! [Late 1300s]
See also: raise, voice

raise your ˈvoice

speak in a louder voice, often because you are angry: Don’t raise your voice at me. It wasn’t my fault.They heard raised voices and saw two men engaged in an argument.
See also: raise, voice
References in classic literature ?
I am at home here, and I alone have a right to raise my voice above another's.
"I often have to raise my voice for her to hear me," he explained.
Sir, through your esteemed newspaper I want to raise my voice to a concerning issue prevailing in Pakistan.
But I also had to raise my voice a little bit because I disagreed to some extent with the first half.
But when the occasion arises, I will raise my voice in her support," he added.