raise money for

raise money for (someone or something)

To attempt to accumulate some amount of money, either through work or donation, in order to fund someone or something. I've been doing jobs all over town to raise money for the ski trip. We're doing a charity drive to raise money for Sarah to help her pay for her medical bills.
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raise money for someone or something

 and raise money to do something
to work to earn money or encourage donations for the benefit of someone, something, or doing something. I worked hard to raise money for college, and then decided not to go.
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Students at May Whitney Elementary School in Lake Zurich will wrap up a week of selling lemonade to raise money for cancer research on Friday.
A FUND-RAISING group of people have taken on the Charnwood Round walk to raise money for Hathern Community Library.
At the moment, the state politicians have just over two weeks to raise money for their campaign accounts.
The 10-year-old boy who went viral after his performance of a Metallica song with the Foo Fighters in Kansas City is now using his fame to raise money for his friend suffering from a rare disease.
OKLAHOMA CITY Love's Travel Stops will raise money for sick and injured children through its five-week store campaign beginning Sunday and ending Sept.
Sport Relief is a charity event which stems from Comic Relief; it has allowed lots of people from across the world to raise money for vulnerable people through sporting and entertainment events.
The dogs were challenged to stay 'down' for 10 minutes or more to raise money for vital lifesaving cancer research.
Hundreds of people turned out in their fancy dress finery for the annual Coventry Walkathon and to raise money for charity.
Sian Llewellyn, 44, has chosen to raise money for the British Lung Foundation after her mother Anita lost her battle with pulmonary fibrosis seven years ago.
TWO young adults with autism are participating in a 60-mile charity cycle ride from Cardiff to Swansea to raise money for some specially adapted bicycles for people with disabilities.
To be able to raise money for local charities gives a real sense of pride.
Andrea Byrne > Now in its third year, Night In is a fun, hassle-free way to help raise money for Macmillan.
A PAIR of Liverpool buskers are doing a van tour of England to raise money for food banks.
OVER 100 Honda Goldwing motorbikes dazzled Llandudno with their lights to raise money for charity.
Club Ambassador Andy Booth, commercial director Sean Jarvis and ex-player Trevor Cherry took to the golf course to help raise money for the Town Foundation and charity partner the Forget Me Not Children's Hospice.