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Let's hope they raise hell. And let's hope they have a hell of a time making the world a better place.
After Swindon attempted to raise Hell into the heavens, three more planets were recognized.
WARWICKSHIRE schoolboy turned TV chef Gordon Ramsay is about to raise hell in the States for the second time.
Rather than raise hell over his dismissal, Eggleton quietly took up a seat in the Liberal backbenches.
Pontypool-born professional skateboarder Lee Dainton, 30, said: 'People won't let us in because they think we're going to raise hell.
As I've cautioned my daughters, when you talk about heaven--biblically speaking--you're liable to raise hell.
in an education or the freedom to raise hell when things are not going
"We are going to raise hell," Bishop Riah Abu El-Assal of the Anglican Church in Jerusalem told Reuters.
Raise hell, in other words, instead of allowing business-as-usual.
It's six months before the withdrawal takes effect: Raise hell with your Congressperson.
"If this project doesn't go out to bid within two to four weeks, we should raise hell," Taylor said during her presentation called "Civic Design Politics, Pennsylvania Station and the Future of Lower Manhattan"
The play is basically a nostalgia-fest where a group of senior citizens recall their lost youth while attempting to raise hell in the present.
Show them how to follow voting records and encourage them to raise hell with incumbents who sell out.
In 1861, an editorial in The Chicago Times emphasized that it is a newspaper's duty to "print the news and raise hell."
Also featured are Oppenheim's "surrogate performers"--the manic, mechanical puppet-stars of Theme for a Major Hit, 1974, and Attempt to Raise Hell, 1974.