raise havoc with

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raise havoc with (someone or something)

To cause a lot of serious issues or disruptions for someone or something. The road closures have raised havoc with rush-hour traffic. The blizzard is raising havoc with travelers flying in and out of the region.
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raise havoc with someone or something

 and play havoc with someone or something
to create confusion or disruption for or among someone or something. Your announcement raised havoc with the students. I didn't mean to play havoc with them.
See also: havoc, raise
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More Characters: Raise havoc with the help of new characters like Piston and Mr.
Does all this mean the modern airgun won't raise havoc with some scopes designed for cartridge type recoil?
Further, the financial crisis in Europe continues to raise havoc with Wall Street and American companies' international operations.
Twisted or out-of-plumb rough openings raise havoc with door installations.
This would raise havoc with agriculture and economies, and result in worldwide social and political upheaval.
I'm not a doomsayer, however water contamination can come from many directions--cracked pipes, loose couplings, leaking in-ground fuel storage tanks, even well drillings from a mile away and bouts of area flooding can raise havoc with wells.
These influences cause lower frequency vibrations, which raise havoc with nano-instrumentation.
Surprisingly, deep snows that can decimate a local deer herd and raise havoc with sheep rarely affect moose.
Don't turn the bulldozers, chainsaws, loggers, politicians, economic interests or even forest rangers loose to raise havoc with some modern forest management practices.
The SUPT warned in late April that acceptance of the Federal Council's proposed austerity package could raise havoc with future public-transit projects as well as existing services, Planners must also seek to build a new political alliance to tackle the future funding job.
It's not going to hurt the manure, but it's going to raise havoc with the ice cream."
Plant diseases can raise havoc with tree fruit crops.
It is difficult to rinse off your equipment and failure to get it all off will raise havoc with your buddies, the yeast.